May 2016


I had my first round of FEC-T on the 5th of this month and am due to have my second in 4 days. My hair began coming out this week; I already have a pixie crop, (I have sported one for years) but now the bald patches are coming I have decided to shave my head completely. However I have a really painful scalp and wondered if others have experienced the same and if you have any tips?

Thank you in advance x

Hi nettieb. I started chemo in Feb and shaved my head as when it started to fall out. My scalp was painful like having your hair tied up in a really tight pony tail as soon as I shaved the pain went away. Could possibly be the hair follicles?
Best of luck with your treatment xx

Hi ladies!

You will find us May starters on this link

and you might find some answers to your questions there, NettieB.

You might want to check with your chemo team, whether you still can shave your head, just to be on the safe side though.

I had an extremely short crop 5 days before my first cycle - and currently it is still growing. Slightly itchy, but no loss yet - but I know it will not be long now…

Hope to see you on the May 9th thread!




Thank you, that’s helpful. I’m planning on shaving mine this week. Xx