May 2017 chemo starters

Hi I am starting chemo on 9th May at Nottingham City Hospital. Having 6 x FEC-T. Anyone else about to start and wants to compare side effects?

 Hi Raitchr, I’ll be with you on the journey. Met you on the diagnosed thread. Been for my pre chemo assessment last week, bloods done next Tuesday, Hickman line in Wednesday then rock’n’roll Thursday, May 4 . Just enjoying the week before the madness starts.

 I’m having 3 sessions of EC, then three of T. Every 21 days, so a total of 5 months. Missing out the F as my oncologist is a bit concerned re heart issues. I’d prefer to miss out the whole bl****ng lot, but hey ho!

Annie X 

Hi I wondered why some people didn’t have the F part of FEC-T and now I know. I am slightly nervous having chemo, I feel so well after surgery and the thought of 18 weeks of well I am not sure how I will feel apart from poisoned, makes me a bit unsure of chemo.  I know in the long run it is the best thing to do. Just need to get it started. Did you ask for Hickman, my chemo nurse didn’t even mention anything other than cannula. I have one more blood test to do and then all ready for 9th May. Let me know how you get on with your first one.


Best wishes


Hi all, I’ll be starting on the 3rd May for 3 ec, other half hasn’t been decided yet as I need to have genetic testing first. Hope we can all support us each on this “journey” of the unknown xx

Hi, I’m starting my FEC tomorrow morning but will be going through the symptoms throughout May so I’ll join the May starters rather than tag on at the end of April starters. I can give you a heads up then on symptoms and cold cap etc. I’m scheduled for 8 rounds of FEC-T then surgery.

Hi all. I am thinking of giving cold cap a try on first chemo. Saw a photo today of a lady who had cold capped and it showed how good her hair was at end of it. Mine is fine but lots of it, in a bob which is similar to hers. Worth a go I suppose.



Good luck tomorrow Mai7 for your 1st chemo!

Think I’m gonna try cold cap, worth a try if you keep your hair a little longer. Think I’m more afraid of my boys seeing me without hair x

Hi I have gone full circles on cold cap. I don’t think I could stand the cold and having greasy hair as will only be able to wash it twice a week. Also worried I will loose it on my crown. My hair is fine but there is lots of it, and cut into a bob. It is dead straight so if I loose any it may come back curly it will be very noticeable!


Also I worry that if scalp freezes will it stop any chemo getting to any cancer cells in my head?



Today was FEC day 1.  I feel fine right now and have just been for a one mile walk after tea. I’ve been feeling slightly woozy/light headed and feel like I have a lot of energy which is probably a mix of shock and steroids! So here is today’s journey in detail:


Yesterday I drank 2litres of water over the course of the day (as well as my usual green or herbal teas). My last meal yesterday was a mushroom and goats cheese veggie burger with sweet potato fries.

so, here’s how my day went today (and my partner was beside me the whole time):


Breakfast: water, guava juice with oyster mushroom powder added, low sugar granola with chia seeds, walnuts and Brazil nuts. Camomile tea.


Arrival at chemo bay, Given anti sickness pills. My hair was dampened and conditioner smoothed over it and cold cap applied. The cold water pumps in and slowly freezes over the next 10 mins, this is weird, made my body feel overheated which was the opposite of what I expected (probably the adrenaline rush and the central core trying to compensate for heat loss) it made me feel agitated and like I wanted to run around the room. This passes after 10 mins and then I didn’t really notice it. Half hour or so waiting for cold cap to take effect until treatment can start. Had sips of water but didn’t want too much to avoid toilet trips!


Canula set set up and then drugs administered over the next hour. I found this bit easy and only noticed a slight metallic taste for a short period and a slightly warm feeling in my chest. 


Lunch: wholemeal  egg and cress sandwich, tropical fruit juice, satsuma


After treatmentment completed I was left with the cold cap on for another hour and just listened to music.  chewed some minty gum which was good for mindfulness and feeling fresh in the mouth and head.  The cannula was then removed and I was given my home-pack of anti-sickness pills. My urine was red straight after chemo (nurse confirmed this is normal) but has faded after drinking plenty of water.


Called in the large supermarket on the way home to get more fresh healthy food. Felt fine, just slightly spacey and befuddled.


Tea/Supper: stir fry with salmon  (stem broccoli, green beans, red onion, chilli, ginger, oyster & shiitake mushrooms, chow mein sauce), chai seed and coconut Mango “yoghurt” dessert


Went for a one mile walk to burn off some energy. Felt fine - still just a bit spacey. My partner called in the local store for some gingernut and some arrowroot biscuits in case I feel sick tomorow and can’t eat, whilst I waited outside (smaller stores may be more risky for germs as you can’t avoid people!)


Now relaxing and chewing minty gum again, just about to watch a film. I don’t feel sick at all.


whew, hope you find this useful or at least entertaining! Xx



Hi. I start my 1st of 6 FEC on May 3rd. This is also my pre - assessment appt date as well. Is there anything I need to buy/ get in this weekend as I might not feel up to going out after 1st treatment? I’m not sure what you get given at hospital and what you need to get for yourself? Good luck everyone. Sue

Don’t forget a thermometer, although you may have one already. I splashed out and brought a Braun digital in ear one from Amazon. It shows green if temp is ok then orange if slightly raised and then red if high temp. We have an older digital one but it goes under your tongue but as we have children and germs I didn’t want to share! It will get used by the family after I finish chemo so can justify the expense. 


I was told to take temp 3 or 4 times a day and keep a diary so over each cycle you can see which were good or bad days.  I thought I would note down any side effects or queries so I had a record of what to ask Oncologist at next appmt.


I also have started having a spoonful of manuka honey grade 20+ each morning, it is supposed to stop mouth sores from chemo. Have been told that if you freeze fresh or tinned pineapple pieces they are really nice to suck when your mouth tastes like coins! Also plastic cutlery can help if you have metallic taste in mouth.


Drink 2 litres of water the day before, the day of and the day after chemo to help with side effects.


Best wishes



Re food I was told to just eat what I wanted, try and stay healthy with fruit and veg. If needed they will refer you to a dietician if you want help and advice, was told to ask Oncologist to be referred before 2nd chemo, you don’t have to have appmt, they will phone you up and speak to you which I thought was a good idea.

Mai7 how was your first chemo?

Thank you for the replies ladies. I’m trying to eat healthy, so hopefully will have some nice food in the house, I’ll also try freezing pineapple - sounds like a good idea! I’ll definetly get a thermometer as well. I’m trying not to over prepare - I’d end up buying so much stuff that I don’t really need but I do like to be prepared. Think it’s trying to keep a little bit of control. ?

Mai7 glad it went ok, rest and look after yourself.


Re dentist I have been for checkup and hygienist, you can have check up during chemo but no hygienist in case your gums bleed and you get infection.



I will have to get peppermint tea,usually drink green but keep reading on internet to avoid it.


Both my pregnancies were morning sickness free, had 2 boys, so hoping to skip the sickness with chemo, famous last words!


I am lucky that my work is being great! Its local government and have been there 8 years. I get 6 months full pay and 6 months half pay. They did ask if I wanted to work through treatment but previous employees didn’t go in from diagnosis to 6 weeks after radiotherapy. I said I would work up to day before surgery but not go in to work during chemo to avoid germs. They were happy with that. I have been into office last week to drop in a new sick note, nice to see them but also nice not to have to work for a bit. 


Best wishes everyone, enjoy the long weekend!



I’ve been for my before chat with chemo nurse today which was good to see everything before next week. She let me try the cold cap on and I’ve changed my mind, really don’t think I can cope with that for 2 hours! I only had it on 5 mins and I had a headache! How soft am I! Very well done mai17 for keeping it on! Xx

Hi, it’s now FEC day 3 and I am feeling surprisingly good. I had some bladder discomfort yesterday evening so drank lots of water and had water in the night from 3am (yes that’s how much sleep I got!). Bladder is feeling better this morning so I can’t emphasise enough the importance of sipping water all day - aim for 2 litres. Still, no nausea or sickness, just a bit of heartburn.

I start on 10th May and after reading all the posts feel very unprepared!! Feel silly that I never even thought of things like a sick bucket in the car!
I’ll also stock up on peppermint tea as been on the green up to now!
How have your energy levels been? Are you able to get out of the house? The fatigue is one on my main concerns as we have 2 giant breed dogs and I love going out every day with them.
A few people have said that non strenuous activity is good to do if up to it xx