May 2017 Starting Chemo


I started my first Chemo on Thursday 25th May.

So far so good, taken all the anti sickness tabs they sent me home with.  Had a Picc line fitted and its looking really grubby, seeing the District Nurse Tuesday am to change the dressing.

Not felt sick yet but have a horrid sore throat, but no temperature.  Was a bit nervous about injecting the other meds into my stomach but was a doddle.

Feel ok, tired but then I was wide awake at 2am this morning.

Be good to chat with anyone going thru treatment.  Mines is HER2 positive breast cancer, 6 cycles of Chemo and Herceptin from 4th cycle, then look to see if it has shrunk enough  o remove without losing the breast and they have said then may need Radiotherapy.  Scarey!



Hi Trisha join the May 17 chemo thread, here you will find ladies at the same stage as you. They will help support you through the coming days! I am sorry that you have found yourself on this forum but you have come to the right place for support through each stage!

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