May 2019 Start

Hey everyone,

I had my 1st EC on Friday, and apart from the tiredness I really haven’t felt too bad. Have had headaches, which I just took paracetamol for. I done my 1st injection yesterday, only 6 more to do !!! Do we do this always after treatment, I forgot to ask. I have 3 more treatments of EC and then 4 treatments of Paciltaxel, over 16 weeks. What are people’s thoughts on going back to work?? I was planning on going in tomorrow to see how I get on, probably just do a couple of hours. I work for the NHS, so if I feel ill, I am in the right place. 


I need my life to be a bit normal. I lost my husband just over 3 years ago, very suddenly, he was 46 and I was 49 at the time. So this has made me very strong and independent (although some might say too independent) I am not one to sit around, I just need to get on with it. But I will know when I need to stop and take a rest. 


It has been so good to read everyone’s experiences. 


Keep well everyone

Kelly xx

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