MDT meaning after biopsy

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I have had a letter following a biopsy on a breast lump. The letter doesn’t give me any result of the biopsy, but says the case will be discussed at an MDT meeting.

Can anyone tell me, what that means? i.e. they have the result and it’s cancer or could be something benign?

Hello @sunflower6653

An MDT meeting stands for “multi disciplinary team” which means a group of health professionals with different specialisms meet to discuss cases to ensure that all aspects of a patient’s case are considered

At this stage the fact that they are having such a meeting does not mean anything conclusive. If following the meeting you are told that the lump is benign then you can be assured that the team as a whole have concluded this.

I know it’s easy to say but less hard to do but try not to worry too much, worrying isn’t going to change the outcome.

Fingers crossed for you

AM xxx

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Thank you. Does it mean they will have had the biopsy result prior to deciding a meeting is necessary?

Yes they discuss after the results come through. It’s routine to discuss everyone’s case at an MDT meeting. Similarly I have an appointment on Monday to get results after biopsies (but mine were during the lumpectomy) and this will be after their MDT. At least you know it’s been discussed properly, whatever the results were. Take care and just enjoy other things :blush:


Thank you x