me and my sister braved the shave

we have raised over £1500 yay x x

My sisters hair will also be donated to Little Princess Trust xx


All ready for when my chemo starts on Friday x


IMG_2483.JPG IMG_2485.JPG



Well done ladies!! That’s an amazing amount raised very well done.

Cassie x



Wow that is incredible well done the both of you xxxxx

Sorry the pics are sideways could not get them to turn ha ha
The final pic is one of my wigs ? which I am actually loving xx


Brilliant Sue!! Far braver than me xxx

Oh well done you xxx

Very brave - both of you !!!Well done .

Well done to tou all! Fab

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B****y marvellous!!! & so well done
ann xxx

Well done ladies ?

So brave, amazing amount of money you’ve raised. xx

Wow got up this morning and sponsor gone up by another £150 pound x
I quite like this wash and go hair ??
Thank you all ladies for your comments xx

Absolutley amazing, a very well done to you and your sister, good luck friday for the start of your chemo.


Hugs xx

Sue! Huge well done to both of you! Wig looks great too! X

Rosie it’s in my sisters nam this is the link Hun and we have £395 on paper form too x
Must admit loved my wash n go head/hair today and went out as is (no wig)

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Well done Sue and sister. You both look great xx

Well done Sue and sister, what a fantastic way of making a positive out of this. Good luck for Friday. Xxxx