Me and my wig - christmas saga

Thought other ladies might be amused by my wig adventures.
Had Cyberknife for skull mets in October. Very thankful for treatment, but hair permanently gone on the right side of my head - so started investigating wigs.
Went on the alopecia website, and had numerous helpful responses to my request for advice. The consensus was that silk based wigs are the most realistic, with lace wigs coming a close second. Found two wonderful ladies who suffer from alopecia, and have a home based business importing silk wigs. I placed order, but the wig has to be custom made, so not available until after Christmas. So to tide me over christmas, I purchased a lace wig on-line from another business.
Unfortunately, the blonde wig that was described, was actually a very red ginger when it arrived, so my first job was to colour it. Wig went from ginger to auburn (still not blonde), but by that time I didn’t really care. I then had to shave an inch of hair round my head for the double sided tapes to stick to, and then apply the lace wig. Several hours later I realised that the wig was actually stuck to my forehead, rather than my scalp - so had to remove it…ouch, ouch, ouch!. Thought it was actually ripping my skin off - ruddy hell it was torture.
Once i got if off, I then decided to try and lighten it. Unfortunately, lace wigs are delicate, and it was beginning to suffer. The silky remy hair was beginning to look like a brillo pad. Three hours later I had finally managed to comb the tangles out, and only two hours after that to re-apply it.
Anyway, it’s now on, and I have long ginger/auburn hair for Christmas. I know all my relatives are going to laugh at me (maybe not to my face), but the pain of taking it off is far more daunting.
Happy Christmas to one and all.

Aww Lemongrove, I really feel for you. During Chemo I wore a wig as I work with special needs kids and didnt want to freak them out ! I had lots of mishaps with my wig - I caught it on a display stand once in a store and it sort of spun round ! Me and my young son were always in fits of giggles about it and wind (the weather kind) was definitely my worst enemy. I hope you are happier with your silk wig, they are really fantastic these days and very hard to detect - enjoy your auburn filled xmas, all the best to you xx

Oh Lemongrove - I’m sure you will be just gorgeous in auburn! I’m also certain that many of us have had disasters with our own hair that have taken much longer to resolve than the wait for a new wig… and I don’t think anyone will be laughing at you… if there’s any laughing to be done, with any luck it will be ‘with you’ xxxxx

I’ve only just started chemo, so hair like straw but not yet falling out - but just for fun I ordered a wig off ebay, long black and burgundy… well, how come I look like a drag queen, but my husband looks good in it? That is NOT fair at all!!!

What’s with the sticking the wig to your head? OUCH!! I hadn’t heard of any wigs where you had to do that - oooh, no, not me. I’m sure it means the wig won’t move… BUT!!!

Anyhow, have a fab Christmas, and just wear a santa hat if all else fails. You’ll be gorgeous anyhow.

Sophie xxxxxxxxx

You sound as if you’re a beautiful picture.
Enjoy your auburn-haired Christmas, Lemongrove. You deserve it!

Welsh girl xx

You sound as if you’re a beautiful picture.
Enjoy your auburn-haired Christmas, Lemongrove. You deserve it!

Welsh girl xx

good to hear tales of wigs. I am dreading wearing mine as its a NHS one and I ordered it but could not pick it up so my daughter picked it up for me. It is in a plastic bag and looks nothing like the wig I ordered. I guess its the packing and after gettting it out of the plastic bag and shaking it it might looks like it should! I wanted her to put it on a stand or something but she is scared her cats will drag it out of the cat flap and think its something to play with so I have to wait until Christmas Day. I have not lost my hair yet but the wig lady is off until 7th January and I did not want to be without it. It also needs trimming and she said she would do it so yet again I am hoping I dont lose my hair.
The waiting game is not helpful, you lose your hair straight away or in a few weeks, well what are a few weeks?
Have a wonderful Christmas everyone, back to sort my hats out, I have been lucky with my selection of hats.

I came home from appt. with wig lady with mine in a plastic bag, took it out and shook it to show my OH, and one of the dogs went mad… growling, barking, leaping at it… it was hysterical! Not quite sure if he’ll react like that when I actually need to wear it…

Hi Ladies

What is it with dogs and wigs!!! My darling cocker spaniel thought the wig on the polystyrene head was an alien life form and proceeded to have a hissy fit (Picture scene : howling dogs in The Omen) . Prior to this she had taken a flying leap at the downstairs bannister to retrieve the wig and merryly deposit it in the garden ( My fault for precarious positioning …but you know what it’s like when you walk through the front door and first thing is whisk the bl**dy thing off.

I also have to report ‘the comfy’ being deposited in the garden - by said bad spaniel, whilst I was trying to look for a suitable substitute cotton wool or a sock - takes me back to my teenage days!!!

I wouldn’t swap her for the world and she brings me much needed amusement

Love to all

Angela xx

Three days post mx I was on my knees in front of the dog’s bed, asking one of the dobermanns to please give me back my cumfie…

Not sure why I bothered, actually, she’d have had far more use out of it than I ever have!!

Sophie xxxxxx

I don’t know whether I’ll need to do the wig thing, but it has been on my mind somewhat. I have long dark hair that I rather like, and I’ve decided that if I get the news that I’m on for chemo, the hair will come straight off to a very short cut so I have time to get used to it going before the completely bald look. And to save my hoover and plugholes! But I was wondering what I should DO with the hair that I cut off, and would I be able to sell it to a wigmaker? Any ideas or am I just being completely daft? (Not a problem if you say that yes, I’m being daft, as it will be a very good description of the normal me!) If I can’t sell it I’ll just stick it in a plait before I cut it off and then keep it, to replace the plait that I’d had for years after a previous drastic post-relationship haircut a few years ago but which I lost in a house move.

Hi everyone,

I dealt with a wig service that I found through Trevor Sorbie’s My New Hair and I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to deal with someone who understands what we are going through. The charity trains people from salons right across the country so it might be worth trying their website to see if there’s one near you - I think there is also something on the website about selling or donating your hair as well.

The salon I went to had a selection of wigs right across the price range and although it was obviously a case of what you pay for is what you get, even the cheaper wigs were of excellent quality and looked and felt like real hair. Synthetic wigs are a better buy because they are easier to care for and *considerably* less expensive than human hair wigs, but can be worth investing in for long term alopecia.

Regarding wig tape - some wigs do sit better on a completely bald head if they are held on with tape, although most should fit without, but it can give you an extra sense of security if your worried about it moving or coming off. During my career as a dancer I had some very entertaining mishaps with wigs, so luckily I’m ahead of the game a bit when it comes to deal with the pesky things. :slight_smile:

Lemongrove I bet you look absolutely gorgeous in your wig! xx

Nymeria x


Just a happy memory from me. Some of you may know that I have just been robbed of “My Mate”.

A couple of years ago “My Mate” and I went to Manchester to have her “wig fitting”. It was good. She had decided to have her head shaved pre second round chemo so was being very pro active. We got the wig - very nice and not too far from her normal hairstyle/colour.

Fast forward a month. We went shopping one day (as you do!). The wig was proving to be hot and itchy. Val was uncomfortable in it and when we parked the car she complained that it was uncomfortable. I said “ditch it”. She said “everyone will stare at me. Won’t that bother you?” My response was “They’ll be too busy looking at me wondering how I got to be with such a stunning person!”

So I took the wig from her and put it on the headrest of the drivers seat and then took a photo of it. The resulting photo is called “Val’s out of body experience”! I’ll get it on here if I can work out how to!

Laugh if you can. Less wrinkles.


Nymeria, that’s a brilliant site, and contains a link to another charity called Little Princesses that makes wigs for children who lose their hair through medical treatments or alopaecia.

If I do have to have chemo I will DEFINITELY be sending my hair to Little Princesses (though I may keep a thin plait of it as a keepsake).

I think it’s a brilliant service if my experience is anything to go by and I wish I’d known about the Little Princesses charity before I had all my hair chopped off as I would definitely have donated it.

Loved the ‘out of body experience’ story - sometimes you really do need to have a good laugh! xx

Thanks for the link to the website, Nymeria.

Layla - your post just made me laugh out loud, genius. Wigs are awful whichever way you look at it. My passport picture has me with my rug on and it’s only now I have my real hair back I can see it’s totally cock-eyed in the picture. Urgh! I may have to tactically ‘lose’ my passport …

Love to you all ladies, it’s good to be able to laugh at this crap xx