Me asking again,Bath Soap?

Me asking again,Bath Soap?

Me asking again,Bath Soap? What a pest I am,what do you all use in the Bath,Soap wise that is?,I have the Bio Oil to use after,wondered what was best to use for wash.

Baby bath Hiya Nanny Pat,

I always use Baby Bath in the bath or shower, at least they are mild and I have sensitive skin anyway. The only soap I use sometimes, is Dove extra sensitive. I have also been using Baby shampoo on my hair as it is coming through. My dermatologist at the hospital agreed with using these products.

I love the smell of a baby who’s just been bathed…so any excuse to smell that again, works for me.

Marie X

Aqueous cream Is great for washing, also for moisturising (everyday and to help during radio)


(Tip on hairwashing from someone who deals with chemo hair! Wash it twice daily if you can be bothered, and use conditioner every time, encourages growth and strength)