Measuring blood pressure

Hello ladies, whilst I do not post very often I do always read all your posts and have found this site like many others a godsend for information and support. So thank you ladies for all your support - I couldnt face some of the hurdles without you. I am hoping that somebody may be able to help me again with having blood pressure taken. I am unable to have in one arm because of lymphodeama and the other because I asked for a port to be fitted when I started chemo earlier this year - didnt think about blood pressure etc at the time! People have told me that I should have it taken on my leg but each time I see nurses they do not seem to have heard of this and never have the right equipment so I end up not having it read or using a wrist monitor on my lymphodeama arm. I just wondered if anybody else has the same problem and is experiencing the same issues? I am now on herceptin and perjeta so have ongoing need for the port but my blood pressure can be high at times - probably due to white coat syndrome! so they always want to take. Any experiences would be welcome. Thank you xx

Hi,porkie,lovely to hear from you. Yes,you can have it taken on your leg. As I asked that question when I saw the BCN after my op ,what happens if you have had double max. And she said on your leg.
When I came around from my operation they were taking it from my leg for some reason. Apparently it can be a bit uncomfortable but I found it okay. I’m sure they are just fobbing you off and do have the equipment.
Huge hugs,Helen xxxxx

Hi Porkie, I am exactly same as you and have port in good arm. My team take it over my port - never been an issue. I have mine done every 3 weeks before herceptin and perjeta. Only time they’ve used my leg was when putting port in so I see no problem why they can’t use the arm with your port in. My port is located on the inside of my upper arm just above the elbow joint. Does that help at all - is your port located in a different part of your arm?

Huge hugs xxx