Medical alert bracelets for Node clearance or Lymphoedema

Hi everyone. I was debating whether or not to wear an alert bracelet now that my axillary node clearance has been done. I found an old thread on here where someone had posted a link to a site that does alert bracelets specifically for ANC or Lymphoedema. The site is and the bracelets are in the silicon medical bracelets section. They cost £4.45 each and come in 4 colours and 3 sizes. Hope this is useful for some of you xx

Have just had a look at this and definitely considering the idea - have a need for bothbracelets but will probably just buy the node one.

Hi Tweasel. Thank you for telling us about the firm that does medi alert bracelets. I have had 20 nodes removed and will definitely look them up.

I think if you only had a few removed SNB (sentinal node biopsy) you would be ok as you still have some in there. ANC is clearance so you are more at risk. I will have a look at this site as it sounds like a good idea.

Thanks for flagging it up

K M x