Medical Exemption Certificate & Follow-up Meeting with Breast Cancer Team

Hi, I am a little bit confused and am not sure what to do. Would hope for advice on the following :


  1. I received a letter from the NHS stating that my medical exemption certificate entitleing me to free NHS prescriptions is about to expire. I was asked to complete another FP92A form and submit it through my surgery to be a able to receive further free prescription. 


When I have applied for this certificate, I understand it expires in 5 years. The 5 years is nearly up. I am currently in remission, and am taking Letrezole and Calcium (I understand I would take Letrezole for another 5 / 6 years) and Calcium + Vit D. I also take high blood pressure medication.

My question is - am I still entitled for free medical prescription as the initial 5 years has passed ? I assume I should still be due to the content of the letter, and also I am still taking cancer medication. Would appreciate kind advice on this.


  1. Initially, I was told that I would take Tamoxifen for 5  years. I also understand I will see my breast team for 5 years. I think because of breakthrough in research, I was then told I would take Tamoxifen for 10 years instead of 5. After removing my ovaries, I changed Tamoxifen to Letrezole, and will continue taking Letrezole to complete the mentioned 10 years. Due to this change, I am wondering if I will still see my surgeon each year until the 10 years are up ? My onco has discharged me last year, and now only see my surgeon for yearly meeting.


Looking forward to kind advice.


Thank you.

Hi Cecelia-Rose-Ann, I have spoken to my GP this morning about the same issue. You are entitled to a medical exemption for the next five years if you will be taking letrozole during that time because it is a cancer treatment. 


I am am not sure if you will continue to see your surgeon. As far as I understand, once the five year follow up is over you are discharged back to your GP but you might want to check on that.


best wishes Hollyberry