Medical Qi Gong

Has anyone tried Medical Qi Gong? I am looking for a form of exercise to take up, all I do at the moment is walking and would like something in addition that is good for mind as well as body, and perhaps more ‘targeted’. Was thinking of Yoga or Tai Chi initially then my accupuncturist recommended Medical Qi Gong which is apparently often very beneficial for those with cancer. It is an old Chinese healing system.

There are a couple of places near me that do classes so thought I might give it a try - but would be interested to hear from anyone experienced in this.

That sounds really good. Is there a list of therapists on the internet. I am really interested but live in the north east of england which seems to be one of the least accessible places in the country.

Dear gardenbeetle, I have been learning tai chi for a year now and am doing qi-gong too. Apparently as you said it has been used in china to help cancer patients but I think they were doing it for several hours a day!!!
It is a brilliant way to relax and clear one’s mind by concentrating on the exercises.Qi Gong is not hard and easy to learn the basic exercises and you can do them every day to help relieve stress, lower blood pressure and unwanted negative thoughts.
To learn the basic form of the long style Tai chi takes a year and is really amazing but takes years to learn it properly!!
Best wishes


I’ve heard good things about Pilates for post bc treatment exercise.



Thanks all!

I did some basic Qigong on Wednesday, with a teacher at the Brighton Buddhist Centre. Quite easy and pleasant to do - just gentle movements in co-ordination with your breathing. Something I would definately like to pursue.

Vicky, maybe there is a Buddhist centre near you that might do it or be able to point you in the right direction? I’m not a Buddhist, but the Buddhists don’t seem to care, anyone can go to classes and they don’t cost much some are just by donation. I originally went there just because I needed somewhere to sit quietly and breathe - not easy at home with a 2-year old!

Hi Gardenbeetle,

I have just started something similar - not sure about the differences but our instructor does daoyin exercises (I think he said tai chi stems from daoyin, and perhaps medical quigong is similar or same thing?)

He also discusses the benefits and chinese medicine explanations of the actions and effects - I am hooked. I don’t know how much it can do but I know I feel brilliant afterwards so I will try to continue. (Got more surgery coming up so will be out of action for a bit :frowning: )

Good luck with it!

Hi Vicky,

Don’t know if it’s any help but I found a website, which might be worth looking at in case it covers your area. (Not sure where you are but I just did a quick sarch on Newcastle, for example, and it brought a few contacts up…maybe give it a try) . Good luck!

Hi Garden Girl
Thanks for the details of the web site. I will certainly give it a go.