Medical retirement

Has anyone secured medical retirement from their employer? If so what hoops did you need to jump through?

Only bouncing the idea around in my head right now but could use some pointers regarding policies etc.


Hello Czechmate

Whilst waiting for other users to join in maybe you would like to have a look at the Macmillan pages on this subject, they also have specialist advisers on employment issues.

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June, moderator

Hi CM. I took ill-health retirement last year from the NHS. My manager had never dealt with it before so I contacted my pensions provider and they were brilliant. Employer has to fill in various forms including a bit about your health status/ reasons for retiring so I did it for him and he duly just put what I said. Had to see an Occupational Health doctor to complete paperwork and took back up letters about my condition from my GP and Oncologist - as in a “to whom it does concern” letter. I kept copies of everything and kept chasing the pensions people. All worked out well in the end though it takes a few months. Because of my secondary diagnosis I was able to take my pension as a lump sum. Needless to say, I would rather not have had to stop working because of secondary bc, but glad to be out of the workplace now and can concentrate on me! Hope you are successful.

hi Happy feet what age did you retire from the NHS if you do not mind me asking . Hopefully i will not need to but may be useful to have the knowlwdge that it is possible in the future. Thanks


Hi Sarah, I was 56.

Hiya, I also took ill health retirement from NHS, like Happyfeet I also have secondaries, My linemanager put me forward for it at my request, occy health and my onc did their bit and three months later I was retired with a pension.That was Feb this year and I am 52, it is the best thing I did as I feel more able to deal with life without the presure of work. Good luck x