Medical retirement

I have finally opted to stop working - my work as a podiatrist was just getting too physically and emotionally demanding for me (lung and bone mets).  Today my GP signed a form to release a small private pension fund I have - this will ensre I have some finacial security.  She had to state that I may die within a year (I suspect I will go on longer than that.)  It is a huge relief to finally have this done with but also feels a bit weird and sad.


Just wanted to say this out loud to people who will understand.


Thanks for listening - Jacquix

Hi Jacqui,  I am not on the site much but saw you post and just wanted to say that I am glad you put your worries down. I retired early, but years ago now.  I know what you are feeling.  I too feel as if things are galloping along too quickly for my liking. I have scull mets but am still able to drive but it did cross my mind that the day will come when I cannot. My Dad had to give up driving recently and it came as such a blow to him. That is when I started thinking about it. Are you on Facebook? A few people you know are there and you could join us if you are not there already. Let me know if you do and I will help. You will see me there with same photo as on here.  I have mouth/lip/chip numbness that is due to being on Biphosphonates. Also a painful left arm that I had the doctor in Oncology look at but nothing is broken thank goodness. I started a new chemo on Friday so will be spending Xmas on chemo again :frowning:    This time it is Vinorelbine. Keep in touch. I will pop in here to see how you are. Hugs, Val



Hi Jacquix. Glad you have your pension it must be a relieve to have the financial side of things sorted. I have a friend who recently retired at the age of 48 due to lung cancer and she said the same its very mixed emotions . I’m sure your manage to fill your time with lots of things to do. Take care xx Angela