Meditation CD for poor sleep


Can anyone recommend a meditation cd to help with poor sleep. Over the years tried all sorts of tricks, but they don’t seem to be working. Meditation body scan seemed to help for a long time when I woke, but I think I’m immune now!

Looked at lots of cd’s but so many out there, wondered if anyone could recommend?

Thankyou, and goodnight, hopefully! Xxx ?

Have you tried Mathew Manning.

youve just prompted me actually, I used to listen to him on tape years ago, to great effect, but haven’t got any downloads at the moment, and I too need quite a bit of help sleeping so I thought I’d do some research.  I’ll let you know how I get on. 

The tape ( gosh yes it was years ago) encouraged you to hold two images, one on the left side of your brain and another on your right. And thus your brain flips into a meditative state and sleep! I’ll let you know when I find them? 

I don’t know much about these things but they say …walk down ten steps and count and then imagine a nice scene …beach Palm trees
or something u like and then stop count to ten and then climb back the steps. Probably rubbish but thought I would offer…
Hugs xxx


Thankyou both for replying. I haven’t heard of Mathew Manning but will definitely check him out. There are so many cd’s out there its difficult to know which one to try.

I do try visualisation, but at present I am unable to stay focused long enough, and keep getting distracted by thoughts so stay awake. I go to sleep well, but wake up and can be awake for a few hrs. Gets tiring by the end of the week! One visualisation which used to work was similar to the one you mentioned Carolyn, it’s not rubbish thankyou for suggesting. Starts by lying on a big comfy bed, in a room which is all white, float through window, down a path, down steps to a beach, walk along beach to a deck chair, have a sit down, listen to waves on shore, watch sailing boat go by in distance, then retrace your steps until you are cosy back in bed in the white room. Are you asleep yet? Lol. That doesn’t help me though at the moment unfortunately.

I also try the mindfulness body scan and the meditation but that’s not working now either!

I’ll investigate the Manning one the weekend. I like the sound of holding the two images, sounds a challenge.

Hope your sleep improves too.

Take care x

Oh Im a nightmare at night too …usually 2 ish !! Either read or put tv on !!

 My friend swears by:…

Shutting her eyes and drawing a figure of eight with her nose without moving it !!!

My other friend says you put your hand on tummy ( just above belly button )  and the other hand on your forehead and this is supposed to create a circuit which cleanses and relaxes your body !!


No much help really …I wont use the cds things as I dont use mobile phone or tablets in bedroom - just tv !!  They say that having all the gadgets beside bed keeps you awake !!


Hugs and hope you get some sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzz xx

No wonder Waffles you get to sleep quick …naming the states of US would be like me  being on Mastermind  !! Could only name a couple and then I would have to get up and  google it !!!  lol.


Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Carolyn, I’ve played the game with all the US state names thousands of times over the years so I do know all their names. It’s just a matter of trying to remember them in the middle of the night. I’m not sure if I fall asleep because I’ve tired my brain out or if I’ve bored myself to sleep!! ?xx

Hi Carolyn and Waffles

Thankyou for the ideas, ill try a few out and let you know how I get on.

Matthew Madden has seminars for healing too.

I don’t put anything on in the night as I’d wake my partner up, but listen to things before sleep to try and help. I go off to sleep ok, it’s the waking up. To be honest I should put a cd on in the night to drown out his snoring lol!

Oncologist and results, then decisions to make Thursday, so sleep may improve after that. Or not as the case maybe.

I’ll try the nose figure of 8 tonight!

Take care xxx

Hope everything goes ok for you on Thursday …I dread all the appointments too. Just want to bury my head in the sand and have my old life back .
Hugs and thoughts xxxxx
Ps . Hope u get some sleep tonight.

I did the figure of eight nose thing !!!@lol.
Slept for six hours without a wee too so well chuffed. Too much information but it’s a rare occurrence for me.
Dont think I can attempt the state’s of us …maybe it would b better with the counties of UK !!! Even then i would struggle …doh.
Hugs xxxx

Hi, I did places in the UK last night, counties seemed a bit too hard for me! It helped. I did keep asking up, my usual 4 or 5 times but I just picked up from where I left off before I fell asleep each time. Got to X when I got up. Tonight I’m gonna do breeds of dog ?? xxx

Hiya I was tired last night so just counted the 12signs of the zodiac …don’t think I did them all before I nodded off.
Wow 12 of the injections …do u get a badge or something ? Obviously a on going thing not just a few month treatment. It’s day 6 and I’m still achy and stiff …
Well better get dressed as I’m still in my pjs.
Hugs xx

Hi Carolyn, had my 12th injection today woo hop. Didn’t get a badge. Had CT result yesterday and cancer in liver stable, and blood ca 15.3 marker stable again. See oncologist Thursday to see if they think Xeloda or Lezeterole the way forward. I did A - Z dog breeds last night, a few tricky ones but its definitely helping. I’ll give Zodiacs a go too. Take care x

That’s good news so maybe you will sleep tonight without counting things ! What treatments r u on at the moment ? Obviously working to stabilize everything.
Hugs xxxxx

Hi, I’m on denosumab injections (last 12 mths for spine), adcal - calcium with bit D, exemestane. The exemestane allowed cancer to progress to liver again, highlighted in Dec 2015 CT. Done another CT Feb showing cancer in liver no worse than Dec. Jan oncologist apt discussed moving to Xeloda or Letrozole. So Thurs apt to discuss what we do now! Last 3 mths have been tough. Lots of questions, but when you get in your apt they tell you something else and throw you, and you cone away with more. I’ve written them down. Have you any ideas on questions to ask? What meds are you on now? Xx

Omg. I am a nightmare with seeing oncologist as all I want to do is get out as soon as i get in. She is really nice too. I don’t ask many questions …doh…just get on with what she says. I take letrozole ( 4 months) Adcal ( yum tutti fruity flavour) and injections . Hugs xx

Good news to both of you. I always thought that exemestrale and letrozole were much the same but maybe letrozole is a bit stronger. I’m sure you will get the best treatment when you c oncologist tomorrow deedeepuss and best of luck. Thinking back I haven’t had a scan since October so must b due one soon …ignorance is bliss though.
Hugs xxx

Hi there, thankyou all for your support. Long story, but when I went to hospital Thursday they put me with a Sister! Not the Oncologist. Was gonna let me go after telling me things were stable. Didn’t realise it was a stable result following a progression and looking at med change. Unbelievable! Incompetence is an understatement. After being bombarded with questions she got me the oncologist. Oncologist assumed I was changing meds, but nothing in my file! So I could have left the hospital on the same meds which had failed me last Oct/Dec and gone back in 3 mths time with more progression had I not have been assertive. After discussion I’m now on Letrozole, and still have chemo Cap as my back up. So ended up good news. When oncologist left the room the Sister said she only gave stable results, didn’t realise there had been recent progression and didn’t deal with complicated cases like mine. I voiced my concern that I was in a fortunate position to speak up for myself, whilst many others that came through the system weren’t, some too poorly, elderly or learning difficulties. So ladies please speak up and make sure you’re listened to. Take care xxx

Wow what a nightmare but at least you r now a letrozole lady like me. I’ve been on it over four months now and hope they will b able to say soon that its working! Although I’m getting hair thinning …most of the side effects r ok.
I’m quite happy to take it if its working and lots of ladies here have been on it ages.
I think our next treatment if this fails is cape but not keen to go that route if can get good results with this.
I haven’t seen a breast care nurse at all for any of my appointments …always oncologist . Think bc nurses must b more involved with primary bc ladies and hangout with them!!
Glad u got the right care in the end but as u say u have to speak up and not like me …Just want to escape quick from clinic !
Hugs xxxx

Hello Deedeepus

Sorry to hear that you were messed about at the hospital which hospital do you go to. The onc should have known better than to let a sister give you the news about a scan result. I admit I have had a registra give me results but if it has been bad it has always been the onc. I am pleased for you that some of your scan was stable but sorry you also have progression.

Exemestane and Letrozole are hormone drugs I first had Letrozole for 9 month when it stopped working and I had progression. So it was decided that I should go on everolimus and exemestane combo which gave me 4 stables scans but the 5th was progression again after 16 months. I had already had tomoxifen in my primary stage for 5 years. So my recepter had now changed and hormone drugs will no longer work for me.

This does not mean that one drug is stronger than another. Some Ladies do better on different drugs to others. It’s all a question of finding what suits an individual best.