Hi Tasmin, I was surprised that you are having Tamoxifen as Medullary Tumours are usually triple neg and to be on Tamoxifen you must be Estrogen Positive? Medullary are also nearly always Grade 3… I was told the prognosis for a Medullary is more favorable than that of a normal grade 3 Tumour… I had Lumpectomy, FEC X 8 and 20 Rads.No Lymph Nodes involvement. What did your medical team tell you about your Medullary? hope you post back. over and out X

Hi Kippy
Like you I was told Medullary has a good prognosis, it is likely to be hereditory, and that if it is going to come back it is likely to be within the first 2 - 3 years and then the risk decreases. I have to have 3 monthly check ups for 3+ years and then after that every 6

When I was first diagnosed I was told that I was Grade 3 /estorgen neg no node involvement, however, they went back and checked and found that it was week positive - when I asked if I had Medullary or ’ sort of Medullary’ it was confirmed as Medullary and that I was to take Tamoxifen - I am not complaining - I just see it as extra insurance

I have found very little on the internet, although there seems to be some research coming out of France

Hello Tamsin. same as myself i had 3 monthly check ups for the first 2 years, my last one was beginning of September, they said they would next see me in March 2008 so i guess that means i now go on to every 6 months like you. I had a Mammogram on my 1st anniversary 2006 then on my 2nd anniversary 2007, i think they give you a mammogram every year until you get to your 5th year, i take it you also had clear margins? mine was a pure Medullary from what you say, i would think your Tumour would be to, you get Medullary that are Aytpical that do not have quite such a good prognosis. If you type in Medullary carcinoma breast on the Internet, there is quite a lot of good sites on Medullary. well must go take care X. Oh, i did read that a Medullary is more a young women’s tumour, i was 55 when i was diagnosed.