Meet the team

You’ll see our names pop up around the forum, helping you navigate the boards and answering your questions. We thought we’d introduce ourselves!  :slightly_smiling_face:

Dan photo

Hi, I’m Dan!

I lead our team at Breast Cancer Now across the forum, social media and digital marketing to deliver the best experiences and engage people affected by breast cancer. I love food, photography, and exploring new places.

Hi, I’m Zoe!

I joined Breast Cancer Now in December 2019. I support with social media content, our forum and digital fundraising.

I enjoy travelling, exploring new places and spending time with friends.
Here is my 7 year old pug, Baloo!

Hi, I’m Bernard!

I joined Breast Cancer Now in October 2019 and I work across our social channels and the forum. Outside of work I enjoy reading, running, listening to podcasts and travelling. I wish I had a dog!

Hi, I’m Kevin!

I joined Breast Cancer Now in October 2022 and I help across our social channels, the forum and our Facebook and Instagram live streams. 

I enjoy films, the gym and spending time with friends, family and my dog!