meet up in Northampton?

Hello Christine /Jo
Had results yesterday … Confirmed secondaries to liver and rib ,hips! So low day today ! Started tamoxifen today back to hospital Friday … Zometa and zoladex . How are you both ? X

Hi to you both …not been on here for a bit so not seen your messages :frowning: …I’m so sorry to here your latest diagnosis vicki I know you were so hoping for better news and as much as it gets easier to live with in time it is never a happy result to get …is this from the royal Marsden with continuing treatment there? It sounds as if we are all three of us quite similar in diagnosis unfortunately bless us :-((( Christine we were in oncology at the same time which for me was a longer appointment than it can normally be as it was so busy !! I go every 3weeks for herseptin and every 6 for zometa my next appointment is 10th of march I really think we it would be nice to meet for coffee as soon as you both feel up to it …I live in kingsthorpe so pretty central to meet up anywhere hope to here from you soon
Jo xx

Hello Jo
Yes got results from royal m yesterday . Had bad day today . Still in shock ! Continuing with treatment there . Have just sent Christine a private message regarding meeting up . So hopefully we can arrange coffee very soon . Probably best to send private message as to where to meet x

Christine sorry to hear of your fears regarding chemo and loosing your hair . I too would find that very difficult . Have sent you private message x

Hi vicki i know exactly where you are at today :-(( it takes a while to get your head round it and all you can day is work through it day by day at the moment …you are right about the private messaging I will try and work that out I’m terrible at all this technology xxxx

Hi Jo just click on to my member name and should say send private message . Look forward to hearing from
You both x

Hello Jo have sent message regarding possible meet up ? Just let us know if you are able to make that date . Vicki x

Hello Christine
Glad side effects not too bad ! I have sent you private message .
Having few side effects I think from hormone t few aches in my legs and bit of a fuzzy head . How about you ? Have you had any from tamoxifen ? X

Hello Christine
Not had night sweats as yet ! But in all not too bad really. Was expecting much worse . Yes the anti sickness do work well . I’m really pleased things ok at present . X

Hi my name is hajra I’ve triple negative Brest csner I’m stress please some one talk to me

Hiya hajj
Welcome to our family and support.please look around the threads here and you will find so much info and help.
Maybe if you can give a little more detail of yourself we can give you the right advice.
In the meantime …sorry you have had to join us (in the nicest way)