MEETING being organised for Chemo Girls from Nov 2011 (and others)

Hi All,
The ‘Starting Chemo in Nov 2011’ Girls will be meeting on Saturday 25 August at the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool, at 1.00pm for Afternoon Tea and the remainder of the day at leisure.
Most of us have been through Chemo, Surgery and Radiotherapy and thought it would be good to meet with the Girls who have given each other such fantastic support during the roller coaster of the last few months.
If anybody would like to join us you would be very welcome. A lot of us have migrated to Facebook under the Group Heading ‘Calendar Girls’. Private Message me if you would like further info, or would like to meet with us, as many of us have been in contact with other Chemo Heads lol.

Reminder everybody welcome!
Further information on Facebook under ‘Calendar Girls’ where some of us have migrated to, especially those who started Chemo in Oct, Nov, Dec 2011 and Jan 2012

Daysie (aka Paula)