meeting Dec 11th

hello all

Should I postpone Dec 11th meeting ? Call the meeting place an cancel the table?

I haven’t done a formal count here - should we do one now?

Would love to meet up with whoever is available but happy to postpone a smaller meeting for a bigger one later!

So let me know,


Hi Cathy

I don’t know really what is best - not sure how many of us there will be but it doesn’t sound as if it will be many. I am still intending to come (provided some one else is there!!) but may not be able to get there until lunch time.

Maybe it would be better to cancel and arrange something for early Jan when more people can attend??

Kay xx

We could always have a virtual one in DDI then I can join in and anyone that can stay awake who is on chemo can also have a bit of a chat, oh and being Christmas it will save money plus we wont get stuck in traffic!

love Debsxxx

I am still able to make it, perhaps if there is still enough of us we should go ahead but also sort out another date for January,

Hi All

I don’t think I will be able to make it still in pain with back and leg plus now have rotten sore throat and have lost my voice although it would be quiet.

Would love to meet up but I will have do it some other time as do not want spread my germs.

Love Beli x

I thought I was going away but not now. I might be able to come but my tiredness is very unpredictable so wouldn’t decide till Thursday anyway. (Have chemo first thing too.)

So sounds like Kay, Cathy and Kathryn and possibly me? I can’t make decisions these days…


Hi all,

I definitely cannot make it tomorrow. Feeling lousy with sore throat etc.

I would like a January meeting to look forward to…would a Wednesday be a better day? except 7th not good for me. Maybe 14 or 21 Jan?? I guess we should start a new thread to discuss dates though!

Debs, not sure what DDI means?? some sort of teleconference? or online chat (IRC)?

Best wishes,


In last post, when I said tomorrow, I meant Thursday. No longer know day of the week, it must be a bad cold!

Hello kay, kathryn and possibly Jane,

I think I am going to suggest cancelling as we don’t have a quorum

I also have an appointment at 130 tomorrow with endrocronologist to look at something odd on my thyroid from the last scan… have been blanking this out but now upon me and I think it probably will eat into my work time too much.

So I think I will call the place and cancel tomorrow, it might be better to rearrange in january as I think we are all just so busy at moment,

Is that OK ?


HI Cathy

It is absolutely “ok” with me though obviously it would have been really good to have got together - I just have got that feeling that this time it is not meant to be! Perhaps we can set a date in early January. Will have to do my Christmas cards now on Thursday though and was hoping to put that off a bit longer!!

Hope tomorrow’s appointment goes ok - it never stops does it?

Take care

Kay xx

Rachel it is a pub on chit chat and fun I don’t post on it much but most of the women that do had primary bc and are all getting their life back on track so poor pub is empty.

Love Debsxxx
All you lovely ladies that do manage to meet up have a fab time.

Hi Cathy
That’s fine, will miss seeing you all but look forward to January. Hope your appointment goes ok, there always seems to be something to worry about.
Love Kathryn

Yes thats fine. Hope we can find a January date.


Well all - have cancelled the table and have sprent the afternoon running around after my thyroid, they dont think its anything sinister but will have ultrasound next week to follow this up…if its not one thing its another in this business…

Will start a thread at some point to try to make January date!


Thanks Cathy for cancelling. Glad to hear that they don’t think it’s anything sinister.

Will miss you all tomorrow but think it was the right decision.

Lots of love Kay xx