Meeting my surgeon for the first time

Hi everyone,

I’m starting to freak out about my appointment tomorrow. I had a telephone one with my surgeon last week just to let me know what they’d found on the MRI. The next day I popped in for additional biopsies. Now, tomorrow I have my first face-to-face with him to discuss the results of that and steps forward. I don’t think my Oncotype will be back yet, but I guess they might know more about my surgery.

I was feeling pretty level-headed until a “well-meaning” family member advised me to take a hospital bag in case they can go ahead with surgery. I mean - they wouldn’t do that, would they? Surely you get a bit of lead up time to get things in place (like a will, and … practical stuff at home!) 

Also - any advice on what kind of questions I should be asking in this first in-person meeting.

Thanks for being there

Beth x

They won’t operate on such short notice, no: you’ll need to have a pre-op assessment (bloods, weight, blood pressure, etc) and will have to fast before the operation too. So no need to panic! :slightly_smiling_face:

No, they will not operate there and then (I do wish people would keep their thoughts) often wrong, to themselves you have enough to think about.

My surgeon spent very little time with me discussing things, outside asking me if I wanted to go ahead with surgery - but my breast care nurse took me into a side room and was brill she answered all my questions in a real down to earth manner as well as asking me if I had understood everything, she also gave me her tel number so I could ring if I needed to ask anything I had forgotten.
Might be a good idea to jot a few things down before you go - just to jog your memory.

Lots of hugs and wine gums

Poppy xx

Don’t panic…lots of assessments to do before surgery…you will need your pre op appointment ( height, weight, ecg, chest X-ray, blood tests , MRSA swab, medical history taken )then you will need to self isolate as per your hospitals Covid policy …it was 72 hours at my hospital…i have seen up to 7 days self isolating on these forums…Then a PCR test as per your hospitals protocol and results back before surgery…consent forms to be reviewed and signed…you could well be booked in for a date though…i asked at my appointment…they gave me a date for 12 days time… the surgeon phoned for a theatre slot whilst I was there… hope it all goes well