Meeting oncologist tomorrow

Hi, finally seeing the onc tomorrow. Wle and snb in may, further wle and axillary clearance in June. 2 lymph nodes involved, one micro and one macro met.
Can anyone advice questions I may need to ask. I know it is def be chemo but dont know regime as yet. I don’t want to come away wishing I had asked things. Main things on my mind are hair loss, when will it happen, se,s, veins, as mine are rubbish, and could I ask for a line from the outset. Are there other things that you wish you had known or would have been helpful to you. Can’t take my oh, but am taking my 21 yr old daughter and have primed her to listen out.
Thanks all

Hi Jenben,

Hope it all goes well. You’ll feel more in control once you have a set plan.

Write down all of the questions that come into your head! There’s nothing worse than suddenly thinking of a question you wish you’d asked when you’re tossing and turning in bed at 03.00am!! And deffo ask for a line from the outset if you have measly little piddly veins (like I do!).

Questions vary from person to person - it’ll be what’s important to you. I wasn’t worried about side effects, but was asking about the likelihood of the chemo working, how it worked, what it was doing, if it didn’t work, what would they do then, how would they measure whether or not it was working…!! Basically drove him mad…

Maybe some others will be on with some more productive questions!

Great that your daughter is going with you with a spare pair of ears. I was in such a daze that I forgot loads of what the onc said.

Hope it all goes well. And then you can start planning your Cornwall trip!! :slight_smile: (3 sleeps for me!).


I did a LOOOONG list of questions for Oldandlumpy about a week ago, but can’t remember where they might be. She might be along soon to bump the thread.

As for a line, yes, DEFINITELY ask for one before chemo starts. They simply don’t tell you about the common side effects of vein pain, inability to straighten arm because of it. I had a portacath inserted before my first chemo because I’m also having a year’s Herceptin, and it’s brilliant. If you’re not having Herceptin you might feel you can cope with a line for 16-18 weeks. Go for it, don’t know why they don’t offer them as standard, I know the chemo nurses at the place I go to are much happier with lines than having to mess around trying to get a cannula in.

Thanks. Am having herceptin in last 2 tax so will def ask about this tomorrow
Thanks x

yes it was a long long list, and very helpful, but it was more about the pathology results than the treatment.

I am going to see my oncologist on wednesday. Do they get involved in skin care and what sort of bra to wear, or is that done at planning?