MEGACE 160mg Tablets Megestrol Acetate

Hi Ladies I haven’t been on here for a long time,my wife was diagnosed in January 2013 and with all my fingers crossed she i doing well,we always say ‘On the mend’ so we don’t jinx anything,


The reason i am posting now,is that she has been takingTamoxefen and has really bad side effects,hot flushes cold flushes aching all over,the Doctor and nurses gave her different meds over time but none worked,untill 6 months ago when she was prescribed MEGACE 160mg Tablets Megestrol Acetate,these have changed her life, half a tablet every other day no more flushes or any other  side effects,I understand everybody is different but if just one lady gets benefit from this my five minutes posting this will have been worth it.

Good luck all you Ladies.



Kevin how kind of you,  will make a note, not started yet but soon to be given tamoxifen and not looking forward to it one bit

Knowing my luck kevin it’s gonna totally bash me big style so as you say, good to know about other ladies experiences. Hopefully your good lady is feeling optimistic about things