melatonin Hi

Wondering if anyone with secondaries is using or has ever used melatonin.My boyfriend’s family took me off to a private oncologist the other day who also practices complimentary medicine and he strongly recommended this. I’d never heard of this being used before and am very ambivalent about the benefits of investing lots of time and energy into alternative cures at the expense of my peace of mind and obviously also worried about whether this would work against the postive effects of my current treatment. I’ve looked it up on the web but I’d be interested in knowing if anyone has had direct experience of this?


A friend has used Melatonin Hi Rachel

I don’t know much about melatonin personally but a friend who had very large tumours took herself off to the Oasis of Hope clinic in Mexico. One of the supplements they use is melatonin. I did look at going to Mexico myself but the costs are prohibitive. My friend decided on no surgery and followed a strict diet, some chemo and many supplements. The last time she had a scan in the UK the tumours had gone. I’m not brave enough to follow that route even if I had the cash but I do believe that supplements/homeopathic medicine can help.

Have you heard of the Haven in London and Hereford, perhaps they can advise you. I am going there on Monday to get advise on nutrition.

Good Luck

Thoughts on ambivalence Hi Racheal

Just a comment on your ambivalent thoughts: whatever you decide to do do it for you. I don’t know anything about melatonin (apart from ust looking it up on the net), and in any case am a sceptic about lots of alternative therapies.

I think there are two important things for you:

find out if there are any harmful affects from melatonin (check with your regular oncologist or with one of cancer helplines.) There may be a dispute about whether it does any GOOD but you need to ensure it won’t do any HARM.

Take it if you think it will help YOU…not because other people think you should.

Best wishes and good luck whatever you decide


thanks thanks for responding to this.
re. ambivalence - I am in complete agreement that its important only to take on treatment that i believe in myself and so i always do the research so that i’m armed with as much info as possible before I go ahead with any new meds and would never take anything on that i didn’t want to. I guess the problem is just that i’m not really convinced by any of them - my experience has taught me to be ambivalent about my onc’s advice, my bc nurses advice, all the complimentary practitioners i’ve ever met and every recommendation i’ve ever considered-guess it just goes with the territory.


Advice on Melatonin Melatonin is a hormone made by a part of the brain called the pineal. It may help our bodies to know when to wake up and go to sleep and so maintain our circadian rhythm (daily biological clock).

Research carried out into melatonin mainly centres around the issue of sleep disturbance in relation to night shift workers.

In relation to breast cancer and melatonin supplements:

Research is ongoing in this area and as yet, conclusive evidence to support the taking of melatonin supplements as a prevention or cure for cancer (including breast) has not been shown.

The research looking at increased risk of breast cancer in night shift workers (who therefore may have a disturbance in their melatonin production) is ongoing and no recommendations to supplement melatonin levels is currently advised.

As with any medication which has not been prescribed by your GP or specialist, it is advisable to seek professional advice before buying or taking anything.

Hope this is helpful

Information Nurse
Breast Cancer Care

Melatonin info Hi Rachael,
I don’t know if you have come across this one, it’s on cancer active’s website. If you contact them they will give you his tel. number and you can ask all the questions you need to. I really related to this article and , although don’t have secondarys am taking it, and feel better for it.

Hope it helps. I have been doing a lot of research into alternative therapies and nutrition and there is a lot you can do. It’s finding what you are happy with and what works for you.
Sue x

Melatonin is released when we are asleep and it’s dark. As it’s considered to be cancer protective the best free treatment is to sleep as long as possible after dark. Not always easy for three o’clock in the morning anxieties but well worth aiming for. Best wishes for constant good nights’ sleep, dilly

oasis hope hosp. hi mardy Hi Mardy, ust read ur thread, i am currently taking b17, which i get from the oasis hope hosp, i curretnly have secondaries in most organs and am starting on another chmo!!!, the doc dont seem to hopefull, but thats there opinion, im 41 with two kids so im trying anyting, like you im not considering the oasis, money and fera of the unknown, but would love to hear how your friend is geting on?? do you now how much it costs? and was it her las resort going there? love as much info as yor got, im currently on Chemo gemcitabine/carboplantuim, ??? any one on it ?? docs saying not sure it will work as my cancer is progresing, and i have fliud rounf my heart?? what do they know. im trusting in god. loce to hear from youx
Ps did the jane plant diet, but now im eating rubish, as i fell rubbish, hope to get back to healthy eating once im off steroids!.

nutrition Hi i would be very interested to hear your views on nutrition are you dairy free? and what supplements do you take?

I spent two days at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre just after i was diagnosed and have been following their dietary advice and touch wood coped with the treatment beter than i thought and two years on feel really well.

Still get anxious at the thought of my 6 month check which is this wednesday!!

Love Lesley x

message for Curlysue Hi

Would be very interested to hear your views on what alternative therapies you have used and also your views on diet.

I’m2yrs 3 months since diagnosis and 17 months since finishing treatment (6months chemo, mastectomy, recon, radiotherapy) currently on Arimidex.

I would give anything to be able to sleep the night through!!

Love Lesleyxx