Meltdown re what post surgery bra to get

Help! I’ve managed myself pretty well until I found out today that only one boob is being operated on next Wednesday. My issue is, I’m currently a K cup and the boob with the breast cancer will be reduced to a D cup with my “good” boob being operated on at a later date once radiotherapy is over. My issue is I have no idea what bra to buy in the next few days for my surgery that will accommodate my K cup AND the boob that will be operated on (will be a D cup). My back is 38”. I can’t see any information anywhere to help me. The thought of being lop sided is filling me with dread as my “good” boob is so stupidly huge. Please help :’(

@Karen1967   When I had my lumpectomy in 2013 I was a little lopsided.  I was an EE cup and my breast that had the lumpectomy lost the bottom one third of its shape.  You can get prosthesis for lumpectomy boobs which fill out the space so even both sides up appearance and weight wise ( depending on what type of prosthesis you buy). From memory I think Amoena did these but if not google on the internet and you’ll find some products.  

Trulife Breastcare in Sheffield do lots of good partials for breasts in different shapes and sizes to suit, you can purchase yourself but you should be entitled to one every 2 years I think it is from your nhs. Post surgery I used a racer back zip front sports bra from M&S 2 sizes up to accommodate any swelling and dressings post op, then after everything settled switched to soft none wired bras from Sainsburys, these hold the partial in place well without any inside pocket, I was lucky found them and have worked well for me, but go with what you will feel comfortable in :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hello Karen

Last September I had lump removed and breast reduction on Right side. 

I now have approx b/c Cup on the right and original e cup on left. My chest is 34" although I wear 38" bra because I find tight band far too uncomfortable. 

I was advised to buy a post surgery bra to fit the larger side. I got a theya peony bra off amazon. Altho not sure it fits to k cup.

Unfortunately there will be little choice out there for your size. 

The theya one is quite stretchy so might work. 

Your best care nurse should be able to advise you. 

Personally I wouldn’t worry about prothesis so early. You need to deal with immediate post surgery period first. Also you wont know what size prothesis to get before surgery.

There is a trulife softie that you can add/remove padding. I was given one by NHS breast care nurse when I asked.

Wishing you the best. 

PS 4 weeks post radiotherapy I wear just a tight cotton vest - so comfortable. 

You should be offered a softie after surgery - a primitive kind of prosthesis which you can manipulate to the size and shape you want and insert into your bras. Ask your breast care nurse. You may find a sports bra or comfort bra better but I always had an A or B cup so I don’t know how useful such bras would be for a K. I’d never had womanly boobs, having spent my most life as an AA till menopause. After my mastectomy, I was put on hormone therapy and my solitary boob grew to EE. Very lopsided and the weight pulls my prosthesis to point forward despite wearing fortress bras. I’ve given up. I have one boob - let people deal with it!

Another temporary solution are the knitted knockers. These are wonderful for swimming and for shaping to your own requirements. It looks like they are back in operation now: