memory foam mattresses - too hot? anyone?

I recently got a memory foam mattress as wanted something that would be comfy especially as my body is aching so much due to the chemo i am on. initally the mattress was great - so very comfy, but i found its so so so very hot!

I cant sleep at night as it gets so hot and i wake up several times sweating. Therefore not getting any sleep.
obviously i have spent a bit on this mattress and was wondering if there is anything anyone knows of that i can add ontop of it to cool it down e.g. a topper of some sort.


I have memory foam mattress and it is so comfortable.I use egyptian cotton sheets rather than polycotton.Still have hot sweats but not so bad.Hope that helps you.
Boatgirl x

i got a memory foam mattress when i was going through my chemo (08) and am still having to kick my covers off during the night and the pulling them over me again. Thought it was just mmmeee!

I too have a memory foam mattress and yes you do get very hot!! I am also finding that it is getting softer on the bit that is used the most. Wouldn’t get another one although it is very comfy. :slight_smile:

well thats weired !! I’ve been researching memory foam mattresses today after sleeping on my daughters then I click onto this site and up pops your thread …spooky. It was wonderfully comfy especially after my ops. To be honest I’m hot anyway at night in my own bed so although the memory foam has a lousy reputation for overheating I think a lot is due to the general mucking about with our metabolism.

Right girls as these mattresses are not cheap ( such a variation in prices) I need to get as much info as possible from you can you help? cost, guarantee , shop/manufactures / type. As I’m now officially a pensioner !! ( when did that happen - it just sneaks up on you ) I need to buy wisely because there wont be any pennies in the kitty to put it right if I make a mistake , although I gather Tempur do a 60 day trial. Many thanks Lazydaisy1

P.S I’ve also started to use good quality egyption 300 to 400 thread count sheets more expensive but really worth eveery penny when your suffering in the wee small hours.

Read couple of things re memory foam mattresses and overheating.I have one bout 6 months and definetly advise against it.Overheating plus plus plus and am now in search of alternative one. Appears to reflect heat back up big time and i am fed up of sleepless nights!am lucky i can give it 2 my daughter so it gets big thumbs down from me.

Hi Ladies,

I have had this problem myself. In fact I know a few people who have! It’s very frustrating, especially considering the price of these beds!! My friend got a wool mattress topper from an online place called the wool room, she loved it so I’ve just bought one for myself. It’s fantastic, you must try it! Apparently it lets your skin breath naturally and the wool wicks any moisture away. So glad I can have a sound sleep again. Check them out - best money I’ve spent recently! And I really don’t feel it affects the performance of the memory foam- after all if I didn’t do this the performance of the memory foam would have been massively affected by the fact that I was ready to throw it out the window!

Jen :slight_smile: