Anyone out there like me? Pleura secondaries sept 2014 left hospital after op feeling dizzy eyesight weird Onc sent me for MRI on brain. Wham, two tumours Meningiomas, one pressing my my right optic nerve. There is a link to BC and oestrogen, I’ve googled and googled but there’s hardly anything out there.
How common is it? Anyone?

Hi Sandypants and welcome to the BCC forums, I am sorry you haven’t had replies as yet, I am sure that if anyone has had experience of this they will post with support and information for you :

I have searched for information for you and am posting a link to the Macmillan information in case you haven’t seen it, I hope it is of some help to you:

Here is the link to Meningioma UK which may also be of some help as they offer support and information specific to your diagnosis:

You might find it helpful to post in a brain mets thread where other users have had similar experiences, here’s a link to a recently started one:

Take care
Lucy BCC