Menopausal bleeding question

Hi I haven’t had a period since 2013 and my oncologist told me at the end of last year that I  was definately menopausal (after some blood tests). I recently started having a light bleed so looked it up on the net and various places said it could be something amiss. So I saw my doctor whose arranged for a scan next week. However, the day after the doctors visit the bleeding stopped (typical!).


So I’m wondering if this means it was nothing to worry about and was a period after all (even though I’ve been period free for over a year). Or is it possible to get bleeding on and off rather than continuously if it is something amiss? I kind of assumed if there was something wrong the bleeding would be continous. Feeling a bit confused about this all now. 


Has anyone experienced this or knows about this kind of thing?

Hi Helm - I’m going through the same thing at the moment.  I’ve had the same thing; a little bit of bleeding for a few days then nothing then it starts again.  I was investigated last November when they found a polyp; which was subsequently removed.  The polyp came back all clear but then a few weeks later the bleeding started again would you believe.  So, I’m now having to go through all of this for a second time as the doctors treat each episode as a new bleed.  I’m going in for a D&C next Wednesday as my ultrasound couldn’t measure endometrial thickness because of a large fibroid and the biopsy they took in clinic was insufficient.


 You definitely need to go through the investigations; hope all goes well xx