Menopause symptoms

Hi all

just wondering what others are taking for menopause symptoms.

I’m 2 years into my journey - mastectomy and chemo, I’m taking Letrozole and having a 6 monthly infusion of Zoledronic acid.

I’ve seen my GP who has suggestions an antidepressant - is anyone taking these successfully.

Is anyone trying alternative therapies or supplements?

Thank you  


Hello @purpleworld  

I’m sorry to hear you are struggling and I hope your GP can help. 
I am aware that some antidepressants can help with menopause symptoms and are often prescribed 

I can highly recommend a book by Dr Annice Mukherjee the Complete Guide to the Menopause: she is a hormone doctor who had breast cancer herself and it contains a lot of really helpful advice on managing menopause generally and especially for those of us who can’t take HRT

Good luck!

AM xxx 


I am on anti-depressant. I’ve been on it for awhile now so I can’t tell you what menopausal symptoms would be without but I can tell you that I don’t have any troublesome ones. Other things I do is to watch my sugar and dairy intake and exercise every day. I’m starting to regular yoga sessions into the mix now, too. Supplement wise I take vitamin D3, 4000 IU’s a day, a tart cherry pill at 3600mg a day, and melatonin 2 mg a day.