Hi ladies,my name is Pauline in 53 yrs old I have dcis and going into hospital on 28th Dec to have the tissue removed, however I now have all the horrible symptoms of the mp,can anyone of you lonely ladies recommen any tips or medication.   

Hi Parkin

I also had DCIS and had to stop HRT. The hot flushes are back and they are not very nice. I’ve decided to give it until January at least to see if they subside a bit, or I get used to them.  After that I will see GP. There are a couple of other drugs to try I believe but HRT is the best :frowning_face:

I’m 13 days post RT. You are advised not to use deodorant on the affected side as it may cause a skin reaction. So now I have one smelly armpit - the hot flushes certainly don’t help this. Just glad it’s not summer. And that baby wipes exist. 

I have one tip. At at the end of my lukewarm (I have dry skin - thanks menopause) morning shower I turn the water temperature down as far as I can bear. And stay in until I’m starting to feel chilly. This stops me sweating for 20mins afterwards and sometimes feeling lightheaded. 

I’d also love any more tips for living with the hot flushes. 

Hello @Parkin  

In terms of managing menopause symptoms without HRT I can recommend looking up Dr Annice Mukherjee who is a menopause specialist who has had breast cancer herself and took Tamoxifen for 10 years. 
Her book the Complete Guide to the Menopause is full of helpful information and tips and she is on Instagram under the.hormone.doc. 
She was recognised in the FT women of 2022 for her work in advising on menopause particularly without HRT 

I hope you find this helpful 

AM xxx

Hi Pauline,

I had been on HRT for only a few months before my diagnosis (and stopping HRT) and remember that when I was at the doctor discussing my options before I started it that she told me about Black Cohosh which is herbal and apparently good for hot flushes. It may be worth checking out?
I’m back to having the flushes but am wary about taking anything new until I’ve had and finished radiotherapy, I had my lumpectomy just over 2wks ago and am waiting for my radiotherapy schedule to arrive so, it’s still early days.

Alison xx( 58yrs young)

Hi Pauline. I’ve been diagnosed with ER positive lobular cancer and had to stop HRT a few weeks ago. I’m 53 & had a tough experience of menopause 6 years ago before finally going on HRT 2 years ago. I’ve tried loads of things & wont be able to take herbal supplements as they are contra-indicated for the meds I’ll be having to take. Symptoms are returning & I’m so sad, but the things I found really helpful are - exercise & swimming (pool & cold water), cutting caffeine/sugar, avoiding processed food like the plague, stopping alcohol altogether, lots of moisturisers all over including vaginal moisturisers. Im left with symptoms I’d rather not have but the above definitely makes a positive difference for me.