Mental health after op

So im in day 4 of recovery from my lumpectomy and lymph nodes biopsies and i just wanted to see how everyone else deals with this period of time after the operation. My mental health is so up and down. One minute im happy ive had the operation and recovering well then the next minute im feeling really anxious about the results. My hair needs washing, i havent got out my pjs. I cant walk to get my Son from school, im having to rely on my family to help with house work and i just want to be more in control of things. Im lucky i know i have a support network around me. But i just wish i could just get my head round it all. Just trying to process it i suppose.



I took to my bed for three or four days after, then made myself start walking and getting out of bed. Don’t be too hard on yourself it takes time to process everything, the most important thing is you, but please make sure you are doing your exercises.

I’m sure your find lots of ladies popping up on here tonight to give you lots of good advice.

Do you know how long you have to wait for your results?

Sending you virtual hugs

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They said around 5 weeks. I cant believe they they dont see you in clinic before then to see how we are getting on. Also i was told to wear my surgical stockings for 4 weeks xxx

Hi @sarahjaneavfc,

I’m 7 days post mastectomy & mammoplasty and can relate to everything you’ve written. One day its positive, up & about going for a gentle walk. The next, I’m miserable & can’t get out of bed, doing nothing but thinking about the next set of results. It’s difficult to feel like you can parent in the same way at the moment, having no big cuddles is just awful. But, you’ve/I’ve been through (still going through) something huge. I listened to a Breast Cancer Now podcast today and my biggest takeaway was ‘Be kind to yourself’. Sending nothing but positive thoughts & hugs. It’s tough, it really is. X x


I think it’s really like being on a roller coaster…I’m 6 weeks post mastectomy and clearance and one moment I’d be delighted I was alive and the next convinced I was going to die. Things that helped was doing something and rewarding myself with cake ( I ate so much ) , making myself go for a walk, doing my exercises. My husband bought me the headspace app it really helped my mental health ( you can download a free trial). My GP was also lovely and phoned me. That’s a long time for stockings/ waiting for a review …could you call the breast care nurses…xx


Hi @sarahjaneavfc

I had to wear the stockings post lumpectomy fit 14 days but I had to wear them for 4 weeks after I had to go back and have axillary clearance. I went back to the clinic after two weeks to have dressings removed but four weeks for results.

My BCN rang me after 3 days to see how I was doing as well.

Hope you have an up day tomorrow
J xx

Thankyou so much for your comments. Literally my little boy just come home from school. Full of conversation of what he has done at school (making a lemon volcano)which is so wonderful to hear about his day, but the half cuddle he gave me isnt the same. I just want to scoop him up and squeeze him. I havent thought about a podcast. Wouldnt know where to begin with one xxx

Thats good you got a call. Ive had nothing. I had biopsies of the lymph nides so im presuming thats why its 4 weeks xxx

Thankyou for your reply. Im going to phone them tomorrow. Hope you are doing ok now xxx

I think results are very dependant on how short staffed your pathology labs are, that’s what my BCN told me when I asked.

Sending hugs
J xx

I found it did get easier each day. Have you thought about accessing some counselling sessions? You can get them free through the Macmillan website via zoom. I wouldn’t have signed myself upbecause I was too sad and overwhelmed, but my husband did it on my behalf. I really wasn’t sure but it did help. Would you have someone who could help you access something if you felt it would be helpful…
Hugs xx

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@sarahjaneavfc The scoop up cuddles will come and will be even better. I had my bandages removed yesterday and I can now shower, yes!!! And I’m one step closer to the huge cuddles from my boys. It’s the little things that keep you going.

You can listen to the BCN podcasts on your phone through the internet, spotify or amazon. The latest one is all about Mental Health through this rubbish journey.

Sending hugs. Also, love the lemon volcano!!! X x

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Hi , this is such a whirlwind of emotions you are going through right now … your whole life has just been tipped on its head … but from my own experience just take one day at a time , it’s too easy just to sit and google stuff but it doesn’t help and really does make things worse , your gonna get through this but please just go easy on yourself , sending lots of love on your journey


Hey, this is so me,
Iv had to try my best to change my mind set so instead of beating myself up about things I can’t control il choosing things each day I can control small very silly things like getting myself a coffee or a snack. Snacks help lol :rofl:
I’m so used to being in control of everything but you also need to look after yourself, take each day as it comes and celebrate the little wins even if it is just picking something up or moving to a different room and most importantly don’t be so hard on yourself you will get better :two_hearts: