Mental Health

Having some mental health problems and can’t seem to move forward. Although my treatment is finished, I’m not back to normal. I don’t want to return to my old habits of living with stress everyday. But changing these habits is causing me distress. I’m learning mindfulness but it’s early days and it’s a struggle.

 I find doing jigsaw puzzles an excellent way of practising mindfulness. I only do 500 piece puzzles sometimes I spend mins doing the jigsaw   at other times much longer. I find it takes my mind off of everything else and I find it restful. I would suggest that you have a piece of flat board to do the puzzle on then it can be put under the sofa, or if not on the end of a table. Charity shops are an excellent source of these items. Another way of distracting and resting my mind is mindfulness colouring. These can be simple or more detailed. Try and let us know how you get on. Hugs Cazzy 

Thank you. I have a day off tomorrow so i’ll be able to go get some. Looking forward to it.

I agree very much to the advice written before. It also helps me a lot!

Mind fullness is amazing for stress release.


Hey, it’s all right. You just need to find people who will help you get out of depression

I agree, I’m still going through chemo, but jigsaws are totally mind cosuming, it’s a bit like bubble wrap, you just can’t walk away, because you suddenly find that next bit and you are so busy looking for the next piece that you can’t think about anything else. They and my books are the only thing that are keeping going, as well as my hubby.