Message for Annafiz

Message for Annafiz

Message for Annafiz Hi Anna
Wondering how you are as D - Day approaches. Very aprehensive I expect.
My daughter went to be checked this week to see if she was at added risk. They told her she had a slightly higher than average risk of getting bc so she has been told to go back for a mammogram when she is 35, another 10 years away. If my sister in law or her daughter get bc she is to contact them and they will revise that.
Hope the time flies past quickly for you. Have a good weekend.


Feeling a bit scared!! Hi Beverley
So glad they are going to keep and eye on your daughter…i was just 36 when mine all started…
Yep apprehensive is one word for it…scared and a bet terrified another…its odd feeling so well and knowing that ill wake up feeling alot not well…hoping i bounce back to usual me with no complications…in process of cleaning house from top to bottom…charity bags galore etc…wont be cleaning for a while…
T - 12 days…
just a few more bits to buy…
A few more questions…
How long til you could shower and bath afterwards???
How long was it before u could drive???
Do u reckon ill be able to look after kids alone 3 weeks post op??
R u decorating again this weekend…we are having friends round for dinner and im having a girls night out on fri 4th to say bye to my belly and old boob!!! 10 of us going , should be a laugh…
Hope you have a great weekend…thanks so much for thinking of me
Love Anna x

Hi Anna

You have said exactly how I felt before the op - I couldn’t believe I felt so well and I was going into be made to feel ill.
I was told that if your scars were glued, mine were, after they had taken the last drain out you could have a quick shower, they didn’t want you to soak in a bath or anything. So I was able to do that on the Tuesday before I came out. My hair had been tied up on top of my head and was nothing but gease - yuck - so my daughter helped to wash it, she got soaked in the process!
They say six weeks before you can drive and then only if you are sure you can do an emergency stop.
The main problem 3 weeks after the op was tiredness but you are younger than me so maybe you will find that easier. I did bounce back pretty quickly as one of the nurses the night before I came out remarked that I was ‘getting about very well - but then I was young’! That kept me laughing as I felt 102 at that moment.
Do you have in laws who could help, could your husband take the afternoons off or could friends take the kids in the afternoon so you could have a rest?
Make sure you have two or three pillows to put under your knees in bed it the only way to sleep comfortably for the first few weeks.
Before the op I went on a girls night out I joked to my friends they would have to watch me as I had taken my top off for so many men I was prone to do it when ever I saw one. We went into a bar down riverside and I went to take my jacket off when a friend shouted across the bar ‘No Beverley don’t do it!’ Have a great night out on Friday. In three weeks time you will be at home and it will be all over and done with.
Take care

News of my op Hi Anna
I’ve just heard that they are going to do my tidy up op on Thursday 17th May and I’ve got to go to Coltishall ward. Wont see you tho’ as if everything goes ok for you you will be out on the Wednesday. I thought mine would be in the day procedure unit, can’t understand it, only having a local seems a bit of a waste of a bed.
Hope you are keeping ok.
Have a good night on Friday and hope the op goes well. I’m off to my mother in law in Italy this weekend but will be thinking of you.

Cant believe well miss each other by a day!! Hi Beverley
All good here…mid potty training with my daughter…shes amazing, dry at night day one and continuing and averaging only one accident aday…pooing a bit of an issue tho!!!
Glad you have a date for tidy up…cant believe ill miss you…hoping to make a quick getaway!!!
spoke to one of the diep ladies last night…really helped…i dont know where i would be mentally without all your support…
Have a fab time in Italy…that sounds wonderful…where abouts are you going…i had 2 weeks in tuscany many years ago and i loved it…
Will post as soon as im able…will see you on the ward should anything go not to plan!!!
Love Anna xxx

Hi Anna
Just a quick last posting before we go. We’re off to Sicily but I hate it. I too feel it’s shame that we haven’t met. If I was able to would you mind if I called in for a few minutes on the Tuesday night. I might not be able to if my work is in chaos, it’s end of year returns and I’m walking out in the middle of it! I would love to put a face to the person I have been messaging. If I don’t make it I will look forward to hearing how it all went.
My daughter was the same with potty training, tho’ she will kill me for saying it now, but dry day and night…pooing took about four months later to be really confident she wouldn’t show us up!
Take care

would love to see you on the tues night!! Dear Anna
I hope you understand that I have had to remove your full name from your post as this is not allowed on the site for your safety.

Kind regards
Forum Host
Breast Cancer Care

Hope Sicily is bearable…yes if you have time i would love you to pop in…
Another poo in pants today…at least she told me today and looked very uncomfortable…an improvement on running around not realising it was there…i hope its quicker than 4 months…eek…hoping my parents will be sort her out whilst im out of action…
Will let u konw the outcome if i dont get to see you.
Love Anna xx

Hi Beverley Hi Beverley
Hope you survived Sicily!!!
Well 4 days to go and ive gone down with a cold…just shivers and runny nose at mo…hope it doesnt go to my chest…i too have maganged to put on half a stone…dont think i needed to…going to make sure Ms Sassoon takes more than she needs!!!
Spoke to a lady the other day who ordered post op bras from Ms Sassoon, her secretary sent them to her in Birmingham…breast recon nurse didnt mention that service…have decided to buy bra post op as really difficult to work out how big to go to allow for swelling…hoping my recon will be a D cup…think there is probably enough blubber for an H!!!
Was thinking, if we dont get to meet in hosp, id love to meet up post op!!
Maybe we could swap details on the bcpals website using the private messaging.
Have sent hubby out for a bucket of kiwi fruit…hoping a large blast of vit c will do the trick.
Speak soon
Anna xx

DCIS/Radiotherapy Hi
Just joined today popped in to say hello and to ask a few questions
I have just had a WLE and had my grade raised to high from Interm.
My breast care nurse said that I will ‘probably’ have to ave Radiotherapy is this usually the case ?
She told me all was taken out. The other query I have is how soon can Radiotherapy begin ?

Thanks, it’s great to know that there is a group out there that can help and to know you are not alone


Viv xx

Hi Viv
Not sure i can answer that one…it may be worth writing it again under a new post…however my mums friend had dcis and 2 wide local excisions followed by rads…it seems common place that if you have wle for dcis and not a mastectomy rads will follow…as i am having a mastectomy i will not have rads…
Not sure re time from op til rads begins…prob depends on the healing of your scar!!
Repost and you might get some better answers!!!
All the best Anna xx