message for annafiz

message for annafiz

message for annafiz Hi Anna

Just wanted to let you know I have really appreciated your regular texts containing lots of support in my current situation.

I haven’t replied cos I don’t have any phone credit. I’ve been shopping about 5 times since it ran out but keep forgetting! Sorry.

The neck is soooo much better too. I am keeping the towel in the pillow and that reallly helps. The exercises I got from the physio have been a bit painful but I think I am over the worst with loads more movement in my affected side. Today I managed to lift my arm from my side right up to my ear (through the crucifix position if that makes sense). I haven’t managed this since before my op in October.

I am so pleased your results were good. I do feel for you lot with young families, that must add another dimension to the worry. So fingers crossed all is well. Did you go to the nurse about your other boob?

OH had a job interview today and he is very hopeful, thinks it went well so I will keep you informed.

Well take care and bye for now.

Love Irene

Hi Irene

So glad things are looking up for you!!! Im really pleased. How is the rads effecting you?
I saw consultant week before last and had other breast rescanned at length…all ok but will review it 6 monthly rather than 2 yearly, a weight off my mind and he knows ill be straight on the phone of anything changes…i wont be waiting 18 months this time.

Having a bit of a nightmare with one of my breast wounds…all gone manky…and dressing nurses have made it 100 times worse…Miss Sassoon my consultant not happy with them to say the least…hoping now shes in control of situation things will settle down.

My kiddies are back monday…bet ill feel tired by the end of the week being mummy again!!

Fantastic news re OH…hope he gets it!!!

Lots of love Anna xx