Message for BabyBoo

Hello BabyBoo

I’ve seen your post on Anne’s thread about the Picc line. I know that most people are pleased with these and have no problems with them but don’t let yourself be persuaded into having one unless you are sure.
My chemo nurses and Onc tried to persuade me to have a port or line as they were having problems putting the cannula in every time but I really didn’t want either of those. I know that if I had a line in I would worry about it all the time. Also I didn’t want anything more to remind me about cancer - bad enough seeing that bald head in the mirror each morning !
So I decided to struggle on with the cannula and so far have had 6 chemo and 4 Herceptin which is every 3 weeks for a year. The worst time was when they had 5 attempts to get the cannula in, but even so I prefer that to having a port or line.
Good luck whatever you decide to do
Love Anthi

OOOh, a message just for me…how exciting.

I am so not sure what I want to do… I do feel that it may be better for my viens but then I also want to swim and huggle and do all the other things non line people do. I do feel a bit pressured into having the line put in as it is so ‘normal’ to do…

If I do go with it then it will be at 13:30 Swedish time that it gets done… I have read all about them and yet I seem to have a problem making a decision… I know what will happen, I will get it done just because people sy it is better for me…grrrrr

I have been having a bit of pain in my left arm (operated side) where they take blood, give me the drugs and I do really not like needles very much, but then who does… gosh, I am rambling…
Thanks for thinking of me… off to give it some more thought. Wish I could draw eyes rolling…LOL