Message for Cherryred

Hi Cherry

How are you, I haven’t seen you post for a while, how do you like the new format of this site?

Things are good with me (apart from work, which i’m really fed up with) I had a mammogram on my good boob ten days ago and haven’t heard anything, no news is good news!!!

What about the weather!!! you holidaying anywhere hot and sunny this summer?

Hope you are well and happy.

Lots of love
Lesley x

Hi Lesley

Yes I’m still here. Just returned from the U.S. of A yesterday evening. We flew into Seattle then travelled through the olympic national coast, down into oregon, went inland , visited some of their national parks ( crater lake, yosemite, lasser volcanic park , lake tahoe etc) before heading back to the coast just north of santa barbara, up the coast to san francisco, and spent 3 days there before flying home. My laptop has died and iam consigned to using my son’s whilst he is lying in the arms of morpheus (crikey -have I got that right, no doubt someone will correct me if my mythology is up the spout)- which is why i’m not posting as often -until i get my laptop sorted. I’m off work for the summer now -whoopee. Lesley -I know how miserable it is when your’re not enjoying your job, so I hope you can get something sorted.
Any mammo results yet ??
Love Cherry x