message for Debra42

Hi Debra,

I’ve been keeping an eye out for you but have lost our original thread. I was just wondering how you got on with your opand how are you feeling.
Thinking about you. Shonagh xx


Only just found this, I am doing fine, the operation went well it was painfull for a couple of days but I am back to my old self now just get tired a little easier but hopefully that will get better.

I have my rads planning day on the 7 April so will be able to celebrate my 43 birthday on the 5 April without worrying about rads, I am planning on returning back to work in June after a holiday in France with my sister.

How are you

Debra xx

Hi Debra,

Thanks for letting me know how you are, I saw you on another thread and was really pleased to hear you are doing well. Great news that the rads are staring soon.
I had my second zoladex yesterday and my gp has given me a 3 month dose to cut back on the injections. Luckily or kindly or both he gives me a local first so no pain but it does seem to bleed. Got sent home with a bloomin great big dressing but still managed to get blood on my pale pink kickers. I couldnt have worn black could I? now that would be too simple!!!LOL

I’m going to see how I get on before I have the oopherectomy. I know its only been 3 months for me but I kind of feel like I’ve been poked about with enough at the moment so think i will get my 40th and holiday to Italy in September out of the way first and then have a re think. Back to work for me on the 1st April providing my check up on the 31st March is clear. I’m not sure which I am more worried about.

Really hope everything goes well for you and have a fab holiday with your sister it sounds lovely. Be good to yourself. Love Shonagh xx

hey shonagh,how are you?Sounds like your injection went ok,apart from the bleeding??I am 40 this year too,I would like to go to new york but whether that will happen is beyond me,there is a message for you on after treatment has finished,well at least I presume its for you as it says message for shonagh…ok lovey…take care…debbi x x


Cheers for the heads up on the message for me, I hadnt seen it. Blimey this whole thing is a minefield isnt it. Just when I thought I was ready for the real world.
Honestly I dont know what I would do without you guys in here.

We have a holiday booked for Italy in September but as will only have been back at work a couple of months when I am 40 (June) cant really take more holidays so I will be on an early shift working as normal. Boo Hoo!!! Hope your New York trip happens for you. #
Thanks again Hun. Shonagh xx