message for DilysP

message for DilysP

message for DilysP Hi Dilys

I started a new page that other one was getting a bit long, I am glad you are getting a bit better, try not to worry otherwise it will make your back worse, or I found that is what happend to me, That’s good news about your sister in law at least you wont have to worry about your husband so much…I so miss not having a cat, I found it so funny when you said about yours mine was like that into everything.

I keep wondering about Pauline…I’m sure she is ok…

I am ok feeling a bit groggy, like I was coming down with a a cold, but am going to go tomorrow for the chemo and let them decide if I am up to it, I don’t want to delay it , as I just want to get it over and done with and because of the last bank holiday there is hardly anyone on my chemo day, so I get to get an early appointment, which I like as I dont have time to wind myself up about it, it’s a case of up and out of the door…

I was a bit shocked today, my work collegue emailed me and said that they are recruiting for my job, so I emailed them to ask them what was going on, they said they are just taking someone on for 6 months and if i return earlier than that they will be deployed in another department…I would like to believe them…it just adds to the worry of it all really, but I vowed that I wasnt going to get stressed as I personally think that stress has added to my illness in the first place, but I guess what will be will be…

I know I will chat to you before, but just incase I cant and I am ill with chemo, my best wishes for Tuesday, everything will be fine,you will be fine.

you are a strong lady and I love chatting to you…

Love as always

Hi Lucy Dearest Lucy

Replied on the other string of posts and have now found this one! Shall we stay on here now?

Loads of love


Hi Dilys

Yes yippee another chemo over at 09.00, I was home by 12ish, my veins wern’t too bad today, I always feel like I cant settle after it I don’t know what they put in the anti sickness meds etc…would love to just lie down and sleep…I hate these next few days of streriods they make you so hyper and greedy for food…I roam around most of the day and night, how these body builders ect take them I dont know…

my onc asked me today if I wanted to try some other anti sick meds but i said no if it aint broke at this stage I dont want to fix it, I can cope on what I have ,I may change and it sets me back to the original sickness and being admitted to hospital, no thank you…

I am not going to worry about the job Dilys I don’t really like it there anyay I have been there nearly 3 years and have never felt part of it so whatever will be will be, they ae not payng me so I wont be losing anything…

I am glad that you are feeling a little better the weather seems nice today although I cant enjoy it…I asked today about rads and I will be having them but they don’t know how many something else to look forward too oh the joy’s…but I do get a rest in between about a month apparently…

please try to have a lovely weekend and one not worrying, tuesday will be here soon enough and then you will be on the road to recovery along with the rest of us, which is a good positive mood as you feel like you are starting to get some where

oh well better go my love my other half wants to use the computer as he is studying web design and has aclass to attend tomorrow…

much love to you, hubby cats and all


Oh Yes I forgot that was nice of angel it made me laugh especially as I had gotten in trouble on the think positive brigade post from eileen and there is angel telling us to stay positive on her post…

Dilys I also forgot to say make sure that you have night clothes that button down the front as it is so difficult and painful to pull nightclothes over your head so if you dont have them try matalan or someone for some cheapies thats what I did so after you can chuck them out…


For Lucy Dearest dearest Lucy

I am so glad you are back and hanging on in there. I have done NOTHING yet that compares to what you are going through my love. You make me feel grateful. I decided today to take the cure and went off for a drink in the afternoon - almost unheard of for me! Was telephoned by the bc nurse whilst in a pub! But it seems to have eased the back temporarily at least. And went beforehand to the library so I have books to read while I am in hospital.

Glad you said what you did as I had bought a cheap pair of pyjamas in Tesco when I thought the deed would be done on 1 May. Will also make me think about what to wear on admission day.

One of my cats is sitting here with me sending you loads of love, as indeed am I.

Take very good care my love


Hi Dilys

wow you went for a drink good on you…I hope the breast care nurse was sending you good news…yes I bought button up nighties they were a god send a from matalan and as they were cheap it didnt matter if they got mucky from the wounds,I feel really rubbish now have retched a few times but touch wood at the moment not actually been sick I just hate sickness in any shape or form…

I hope I have made you feel grateful as you put it in a good way,life is very short Dilys and you have to grab it with both hands and live it, I dont want to not be positive, yes when I have chemo it makes me think is it all worth it but I know it is at the end of the day, there are people week in week out put themselves through horrendous hangovers what’s that all about…

I just wore some thing casual and easy to put on, I did make one boo boo though I only took my sports bra with me for after the operation and my surgeon wasnt amused as they mark you out on you bras you will be wearing after, it didnt matter to me I dont care if the scar shows I cant help it and Im not ashamed of it ,anyway my bras will change from time to time anyway I intend to buy some new ones after the reconstruction is fully completed.

are thats cute about the cat I so love them I lived in tenerife for 4 years ans I brought mine home with me, he spent 6 months in quaratine he was a big old ginger and white tom and he wouldnt let anyone near me he used to growl and snarl at them if they tried to touch me…

oh well better go my love feeling groggy, keep your chin up love and strength to you & your husband I hope he is bearing up ok…oh and kitty cats too


Hi Lucy Dear Lucy

Thanks for your message and hope you have the weekend to get over the chemo at least. I don’t really know how it is organised. Try to keep cheerful anyway. The bc nurse was just ringing to say hallo (and make sure I hadn’t left the country I think). I also had a message here at home from the hospital reminding me gently to turn up for the nuclear injection on Monday. Such a social whirl, isn’t it?

Thanks for all your advice. I was going to turn up with a specially bought “comfort” bra but think I will now take that as well as normal ones. Hadn’t thought about being measured up! We ought to write a book really, between us.

Back a little better again today but I am walking about very carefully indeed like an old lady! And wearing one of those heat pads! If desperate I shall get out my mum’s old walking stick and hobble to the hospital with that!

Thnking of you and sending love and strength


Are you ok Lucy? Dearest Lucy

Are you ok? I hope your weekend has been so good that you were thinking about things other than posting here. But I was worried about you. You usually pop up somewhere. I really hope you are ok and am thinking of you. I have had a reasonable weekend and am sooooo looking forward to the nuclear injection tomorrow and getting the deed done on Tuesday. In the meantime take care my love

Much strength