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Hi Katy

Just wanted to say - hope all goes well with your first Radiotherapy session. I will be thinking of you. I’m sure you will breeze through this - after chemo you can do anything!

I didn’t find it very difficult at all - apart from the travelling. I had my last session last Tuesday. I didn’t get any skin reaction - which the docs were very surprised and pleased about.

I firmly recommend slapping on as much aqueous cream as you can as often as you can remember.

Love and Hugs

Wendy xoxox

Hi Wendy,
Its sooo good to hear from you- I havent been on this site for a while as was trying to forget I had cancer- Ha!
I have had my third session today and so far (touch wood) its going okay. The worst thing about it is trying to get a bloody parking space at the hospital- its a nightmare! Today, I was parked illegally on a grass verge as there was just nowhere to park. I kept telling myself- " they wont clamp a cancer patient will they?" needless to say, I got changed after rads and sprinted back to the car, terrified in case there was a big yellow clamp on it- luckily, there wasn’t.
I went back to work last week which was okay. Am a bit gutted that I had to go back at all really as I was just beginning to enjoy the time at home, but I knew if I didnt do it soon, I never would. I work with some great people and we have a right laugh and my only concern now that I’m back after being away since January is that the Managers will finally realise what a huge distraction I am to other people as I tend to revert back to a naughty schoolchild in a quiet office environment-ha! Still-at least its only 2 days a week.
My hair is still very short and has grown back VERY dark! I am hiding a disaster under my wig as I tried to dye it back blonde and now its orange! Have used 3 hair dyes so far and left them on for a lot longer than the pack suggested to try and get rid of the orange, but its not shifting! Am too scared to dye it anymore as I’m worried about the dye.
Can’t beleive that you have now finished your rads- WELL DONE YOU!!! I hope you’re mega proud of yourself and wish you loads of healthy days to come.
Can I send you my email address in a private message-is that allowed? I would love to stay in touch as you have given me so much support this year- I suppose you are now waiting reconstruction surgery-or will that be next year now?
My implant is still looking good, although have been warned that it may change shape, but the surgeon saif that he could sort it out after (The man is a genius and close to GOD in my book-in fact, I think I have fallen in love with him-ha! He can do no wrong-not only did he remove my cancer, but provided me with a great boob as well and I am forever in is debt!)
Have bought the aqeous cream and have been slapping it on as advised.
speak to you soon
Take care

HI Wendy,
Very confused- was that a private message? and did you send it October 1st??? as its only showed up today and whats the “edited” bit all about???
My hair is now a safe brown colour as I bought another dye yesterday- I just couldnt cope with the orange! It was so bad that when I first dyed it, my son was away for the night at an army cadets camp. When he came home he took one look at me and said" Oh my god mum, your hairs grown back orange" Ha!
Last week our local paper did a spread about breast cancer and , as I used to work for them, they wanted to print my story and another friend who used to work there who also has had BC. Anyway, they were taking photos of us as and they had some pink lilies in the middle of us. My friend moved and all of the lilys yellow pollen went all over her jumper. We didnt think anything of it and sponged it off, then I dashed off for my rads. Anyway, when I was laying on the table the radiographer looked at my boob and said “are you using the aqeous cream regularly” I said “yes” and as I was lying there being zapped, I was thinking to myself, maybe they can see my skins burning already or maybe its looking as though its gonna irritate- they obviously know just what they’re looking for. Anyway, while I was getting changed, I spotted my boob in the mirror and I was covered (and I mean covered) in yellow lily splodges all over my boob- I cant beleive I didnt notice it- the poor radiographer must have been right confused! Ha! It could only happen to me!
Would love to meet up with you once my rads are over- it will be really nice to put a face to your name- we should be able to spot each other by our nice perky boobs-Ha!
I’m excited for you, knowing that you’ll have a new one soon-it’ll feel like christmas for you. I count my blessings every morning when I put my mascara on, how very GLAD I am that my eyelashes have returned.Out of al the hair loss, the toe nail and finger nail loss etc, it was my eyelashes that upset me the most. I used to look in the miror every morning with no eyelashes, eyebrows or hair and all I could think of was that I looked like that russian spy that got poisoned.
Oh well, have had 12 rads so far- only another 16 to go (groan)
speak to you soon
take care

Hi Katy

I havn’t been on here for a couple of weeks and have only just seen your reply to my ‘edited’ post. I can’t believe they removed my email address - how on earth are we ever supposed to get together or support each other once we stop coming on here!

You must have only a few more rads to go… yeahhhhh! I bet you’ll be glad to get that out of the way. Going to the hospital every day - what a pain!

I’ve just googled your story - is your friend Caroline? Great picture , and its a really good article. I’ll contact you by snail mail (post) - if that’s ok. I’m sure it will get to you - more chance than on here!

Failing that I am on facebook - do get in touch.

Take Care

Love and Hugs
Wendy xoxoxox

Hi Wendy,
Yes, my friend is Caroline and we were really pleased with the article. I’ve just contacted you via facebook (at least I hope its you- there’s 3 wendys of your name on there- just noticed your post has been edited again- good job I spotted your post quickly BEFORE it was edited- HA! TOO SLOW!!! Sorry- am really chuckling now- check your facebook and see if I’ve sent to the right person
Still laughing…