message for phardy

message for phardy

message for phardy Hi Jackie
I saw a post on here where you mention having cocker spaniel puppies, I left a message but thought you might not see it. We are looking for a spaniel pup at the moment we lost our cocker spaniel about a month ago and are missing him dreadfully. At first I said no to getting another one too soon but kids and husband have wore me down and now I’m really excited at the prospect. I think we all deserve something good in our lives, if you have any left please let me know and we can discuss further. I notice on your profile it says you are London and South, we live in Aldershot near Guildford. Hope to hear from you soon


live close by Hi Lisa,
I saw your post and just wanted to say I am desparate for some kittens and it has been me wearing my family down to let us get a couple.I know I was not able to have them when I was having epi as I was not coping very well then, but know I have moved on to xeloda tablets, I am feeling myself (almost) again.Also wanted to say I am in Crookham Village.Hope you get your new puppy soon.
Love Tracy xx

Hi Tracey
Hope you get your own way soon , you desrve it. Keep wearing them down

Love Lisa