Message for scotslass: Irene

Message for scotslass: Irene

Message for scotslass: Irene Hi Irene

Wish we weren’t meeting in these circumstances but I hope maybe we can help each other.

I was disagnosed with a regional recurrence too a few weeks ago…have cancer in my chest wall and superclavicular lymph nodes. (bone scans and abdominal and chest CT scan OK for now.) Feel like I’m in a very lonely club cause strictly speaking this is not ‘secondary’ recurrence but my oncologist has assessed me as Stage 4 because like secondary recurrence it is pretty unlikely I can be cured…hoping for ‘management’ as long as possible.

I am triple negative (ie her2- as well as pr- and er-.) If you are her2- then you have the herceptin option; otherwise not.

I have been on navelbine and xeloda for a week. Not a lot of chemo options after this…probably cisplatin or carboplatin and gemzar. I can’t have surgery because of location of cancer and have alread yhad radiotherapy. Both are sometimes possible for regional spread.

You can contact me personally if you want through the ‘other’ site. think the link is Someone confirm!

I have found it really hard to get information about regional recurrences (which are NOT the same as local revurrence or new primary.) like I found it really hard to get info about triple negative breast cancer…never wanted to be in such an exclusive club.

very best wishes


Sorry Scotslass - I was getting you confused with IreneM.