Message for Shonagh

Hi Shonagh

Did your onc get back to you about the dolusepin?

Love ALise x

Hi Alise,

Hope you are ok I saw your thread about the cataract (spelling??) so sorry you are having a bad time and hope you are you get it sorted quickly. Can you have an op for it. My friends gran had them and had an op and was sorted in a day.

I had to wait until Tuesday due to the bank holiday but it turned out the oncologist is on holiday this week anyway. I had a choice of either taking the dosulepin and worrying about the endoxifens (I did a bit of research and found out what its was all about. Basically there is some research out there but its not proven so some oncologists just dont recommend SSRI’s or tricyclics though citolopram and something staring with V are ok and have no effect on the endoxifens, scarey thing is some of us naturally dont metabolise the tamoxifen as well as we could due to our genes.) or I stopped taking them and didnt sleep. As neither out come was the best I dug out some zopiclone I had from before my op and have used that until I have an appointment at the Bobby Moore unit on Monday. It was supposed to be with my surgeon and BC nurses but Debbi one of my BC nurses has arranged for my oncologist from christies to be there so I will see him too. Saying that I’m not taking them now and apart from the flushes being a bit hotter (not more frequent) I seem to be OK so its not really a problem however I do need to query the zoladex frequency that seems to have a bit of a debate going…it never ends does it. I saw your query about your tamoxifen and your eyes. Its enough to drive you crazy istn it.

Sorry that was a bit long winded. I’m fine but they have a complimentary therapy programme at the Bobby Moore unit so think I will have a word about some therapy or ask about some councelling at Beechwood perhaps. I’m going to go down to half dose of the zopiclone when I’m back at work but keep having dreams about not being able to find my school uniform or having the right timetable so will wait until I have got my first day out of the way I think and then work my way down to nothing.

I start back at work on Tuesday on a phased return and my first week is a week of earlies so I’m guessing as long as Monday doesnt bring up any new lumps or bumps, I will be so tired after a 5.30am start sleep will come back naturally and mini meltdown will be sorted. I’m really looking forward to getting back to work. The girl I work with rang me yesterday with a bit of everyday juicy office gossip and it was so nice to talk about rubbish for a change. I never thought I would see the day I was glad to get back to work!!!LOL Remind me of this when I’m complaining about it on Wednesday.

Thanks for keeping a shout out for me. Really appreciate it. I have been making orders of service all day (I run a handmade wedding stationery business as a bit of a side line) and making endless cups of tea for the builders and reading the instructions on my wormery that arrived today so I only just saw your message.

Hope you have a good weekend and your eyes dont get you down too much. Love Shonagh xx

Hi SHonagh

I am pleased they are getting it sorted for you - which onc do you have at Christies? My rads etc were there but I had my chemo and surgery at the Alexandra as I had private health through work.

My cataract thing is a nightmare. I have spoken to my onc and he wants me to stop tamoxifen ( I have been on it nearly 2 years) and start an post menopausal armoatose thingy called exemetsane instead. I have to have blood tests first at Gp’s next week to see if I am definitely post meno before I can swap. I am 44 but chemo knocked out my periods 2 years ago.
The thing is I am OK on tamoxifen and have read some hideous side efeects on these AI’s especially in younger women. I told onc I didn’t want to swap I would rather have an op ( small as you say) for the cataract if it goes worse.

Anyway he has now referred me to an opthalmologist to check my eye to see if they think it definitely caused by the tamoxifen or just one of those things. However he said that even if tamo turns out not to be the culprit ( But he thinks it is)then I am still changing to exemestane in JUne anyway as his plan for me was 2 years tamo and 3 years on an AI if you are postmenopausal.

I never thought I would say this but I want to stay on the tamoxifen - it’s not that bad for me and I Cant take the thought of feeling any worse ie years too old before my time!!

I work in the legal profession and am finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on my work as I have meno brain (!) and I can’t afford for it to worsen .

Let me know how you go on on Monday!

Love Alise x

Just a quick one to say hello I have only just got in (long story and even longer search for trainers my other half likes…dont ask!!!)
and have to have an early night ready for my 5.30am start tomorrow, I’ll catch up soon but everything went well today, they seem happy with everything and I had a word with my oncologist about the mini meltdown issues too so feel better about that too.
Will catch up soon. Love Shonagh xx

Hi Shonagh,

I hope you’re still feeling better. Remember that good days will also appear after any bad days! They take it in turns! Don’t fight too much against having your “mini meltdowns” - I think allowing yourself to get upset, angry, etc about it is part of dealing with it all. It’s all very well to put a brave face on things some of the time but at other times, it’s good (and normal) to get upset and feel stressed by it all - better that than bottling it all up.

Good luck with work. Give it a few weeks and it’ll feel like you’ve never been away! Did you see the link to that article that was posted here a couple of days ago (about getting “back to normal” after treatment)? It was well worth a read:

Take care and I’ll be thinking of you :slight_smile: