message for ssilver

message for ssilver

message for ssilver Hello Lucy,

I haven’t been on the forums for a while as i have been in a lot of pain and not coping to well at the moment.

I have “spoken” to you in the past and you have been very kind and helpfull, I was just reading one of your replys and i noticed you mentioned that you had a becker inplant, the one that is filled up at different intervals and then deflated slightly.

Can you feel the inplant in your chest and are you finding it painful ?mine feels like it is digging into by ribs and pushing up under my arm, Is this normal as this was never explained to me before the mastectomy? Also have you needed the build up of fluid drained off because there was too much noone wants to touch mine ie the consultant or the surgeon as they are worried incase they pierce the inplant, i can’t seem to track down a breast nurse either! I hope you didn’t mind me asking these questions and i wish you well for your future treatments.


hello candy Hi Candy

I am glad you are ok

I havnt been on here very much recently either, I read something on here that really deflated…but decided to return, glad I did as if i can help you I will…Yes it digs under my arm and into my mid chest, it is very mishapen and squidgy in some places and rock hard in others, it is the most uncomfortable of things, but I am hoping the real implant is going to be better, I cant get comfy at night on that side either, so I stick to just sleeping on the otherside…The only time I had fluid drained off was after the operation, I thought that my chest was going to explode with all the swelling and I couldnt breath properly, I think my consultant surgeon overfilled it in the first place…I’m not sure why they are don’t want to touch yours, does it have a magnet thingy with it??? as that is what mine has and it gives them the precise place to put the needle in…

I don’t think they tell you all the pitfalls before mastectomy otherwise everyone would say no to the implant…I also have cording under my arm which gets worse with Chemo…

hope this helps my love…

love as always

Becker inplant Hello Lucy,

Thankyou for replying to my post,

The build up of fluid is the seroma, that i was warned about, and it seems to be collecting around and under my armpit, so i feel like i am carrying a rugby ball around with me all the time, it has also started to spread round to my back and this makes it hard to lay on my back to sleep. The surgeon has at last agreed to drain it on Friday morning!

I know its only three weeks since op but i still feel really sore do you think this is normal?

I hope you aren’t suffering the same.

It’s nice to see you are back on the forms as you seem a nice caring lady and im sorry you were having a rough time.


Hi Candy

thank you for the nice comments I appreciate that…

yes love, I still have sore moments, I have only just fully healed and I still have a slight seroma under my arm and in my back which seems to slosh about…it was nice to get it drained off and is apparently perfectly normal but since starting Chemo they are reluctant to drain as it may cause infection introducing needles and should disapear on its own so they say…it will go down under your arm as time goes on, I used to feel like the incredible hulk and my surgeon said why an earth are you carrying your arm like that…the more you do the excercises it is supposed to help…

There are times that I dont think I will ever feel normal to be honest with you but I am hoping it will settle down…

I am always here if you need advice and if I can help I will

takecare my love

much love Lucy

Reply to ssilver Hello Lucy,

Just came back from the hospital after having the serona drained. The surgeon said it was quiet thick with not too much there.

I asked him about the pain i am still feeling and he said he did’t know why i am still in so much pain as everything is as it should be, so much for the experts!!

How are you feeling today? I hope the weather improves before the weekend so we can go and sit in the garden.

Take care


Hi Candy

I hope you are ok too?

I’m sorry they couldnt answer your question about pain…I think it’s just the nerves and muscles etc, it takes a while for the bruising to settle, I still have slight bruising come up now and again after 9-10 weeks…

Yes my love I am ok, a bit anaemic I think from the chemo, but that’s normal…it has been lovely and sunny here today, but because of the chemo cant sit out in it, which is a pain … it’s supposed to be raining here at some stage during the weekend…

love as always