message for ssilver

message for ssilver

message for ssilver Hello Lucy,

Hope i’ve not missed you, just wanted to wish you good luck with your chemo today, and that it goes ahead, as you were not feeling to great , by the sound of it not too many to go now.

I hope they can sort your thirst problem out and it turns out just to be a side affect of all the drugs they keep pumping into us and nothing more.

Take care and best wishes as always.


Hi Candy

thank you yes I am ok I hope you sre too…my chemo went ahead as I was quite insistant I dont want to delay it I just wast to get it over with, they have given more sick meds that are supposed to be supadoopa and mega expensive so apparently If I am ill this time they are not going to give me number 6…I also have had a blood test for diabetes using that needle machine and I am bodering at the moment, not too high and they think it is a trait of the chemo, so will have to see what the normal blood test I have to have on wednesday shows,

he said to keep drinking is good as it flushes it out of you…

oh well going for a lie down hope you are ok as the last time I looked you were feeling pretty poorly


Can I use the Swimming Pool? Hi ladies

Just wondered if anyone can help me out.

I am 4 weeks post surgery from a right mastecomy. I had no reconstruction.

Does anyone know if I should use the swimming pool as I go on a weeks holiday on Monday before my chemo.

love from

Dean Candy and Lucy

Just ignore me, can’t seem to get the posts in the right spot!!

love Pauline

message for ssilver Hello Lucy,

I don’t have the bad headaches this time, apparently they were caused by the anti-sickness drugs so they have changed them and gave me an extra different lot that makes you drowsy so i should get a better nights sleep.
My hair is falling out by the handful now so i expect by the end of the weekend i will have to have it shaved off by the other half. I must admit i did get a bit upset this morning as the hair blocked the plughole in the shower, even though i knew it was coming!

I’m glad they have moved you to some different anti-sickness meds, why did they not do this earlier for you as they knew you were suffering badly, are you pleased that you may not need number 6?

I’m off to bed now as i feel really tired and hopefully i will be able to sleep.
Take care and i hope you have an easier time this session.
Thinking of you.

Hi Candy

I am glad that you are better with your meds…

the hair loss ids traumatic but you soon get used to it although the caps, bandanas and wigs are a pain in this weather I dont wear thenm indoors just if I am going out oh and I keep them handy incase the postie or any one knocks at the door, i think they would get a fright with my not so bald head.

The tabs I have been given now are apparently very expensive and they are what are given to very very sick cancer patients I think this is the reason why they try everthing else first…I want to have number 6 it is very tempting not to but if I dont there is still a small risk so I have to have it in my mind for my sanity as I would always think what if and I have come this far and hopefully I feel fine at the monent although I am not counting my chickens…I can feel the normal heartburn and acid reflux kicking in

I too feel tired with these new tabs not sure why but thats good at least I can sleep it off I am taking 3 kind at the moment plus the steriods and lorazapam too