message for yelsha

message for yelsha

message for yelsha Yelsha how are you getting on with the Brachytherapy? Have you spoken to your Consultant yet about your hormones and what to do?

I’m having a bad day but last week I was quite bright. I’m still scared of the Radiotherapy and had a bit of a weep today with them and again felt close to terminating my treatment. It’s strange because I never felt this way about the Chemo. Anyway I do hope the Brachytherapy is done and dusted by now and you’re OK.

hi frances,

i hope that you are doing better on the radio since we last spoke. i am only home since last night and in alot of pain. i was in theatre thurs morning but was kept in an extra day as they have found a clot in my unaffected arm. now the rods are in nothing can be done until that treatment is over on tues. i reckon i will have to go on warfin. my onc came to the ward yesterday too and the clot strengthens the case for ovary removal versus tamoxifen. he said he will bring me back in 2 weeks for end of treatment scans and we will discuss it further but i think i will get the outcome i would prefer.had murder trying to get veins whilst i was in and it really upset me, i think there is only so much of being a pin cushion we can take, all hair coming on nicely.

Hi Frances My God I have been so busy since we spoke last, I had the Brachytherapy rods placed on the Thursday was released on the Friday but the pain was so bad that I was admiitted again on sunday and I did not get out til thurs and back in tomorrow monday so see the vascular consultant as it turns out now I have a clot in my good arm…long story will post tomorrow when I have more news Hope your well

A xx

Brave Yelhsa Yelsha, i want to reach out and hug you but then again the pain would be too much to bear. I really don’t think anyone should have to experience the awful pain you are going through. Is this all the result of the inital surgery? I do remember when you had that bloody sinus in your armpit and it seemed to be never ending but that has healed hasn’t it? Now you are having to draw on your innermost strength to get through this dramatic time. Are your surgeons / consultants being supportive? Are you getting as much support and sympathy as you deserve from family and friends. I am with you all the way. Feel free to yell down these channels if you need to.

Well we finally have a few answers and I finally have time to answer them whilst the baby eats breakfast! The sinus thankfully closed a few weeks ago after lots of treatments since January gone but is still sore and I think I can expect that for months. The Brachytherapy I dod not handle well and after speaking to the cons yesterday it seems that me getting the infection in the breast was a rare thing but as you well know I am a model for it at this stage, I never before believed the saying if it can go wrong it will until this year and this Breast Cancer. I must admit it is hard to stay strong, everybody see’s me on the outside as a strong fighter but my close family and friends have seen me so close to melting point this year. Anyway the rods came out in my senses and under amazing pain, I do think that I could handle anything now, it was and still is worse pain that the WLE and node clearance but I started wearing a bra again yesterday to support a battered and sore breast. I was in for scans yesterday too for the vein and clot issue but it seems that the clot has vanished and the veins look good so that has saved me 3 months of warfin treatment. I am delighted though that was a false alarm but I still have to get to the bottom of a weak and swollen “good arm” anyway on a lighter note I have eyebrows and an actually off to get them shaped this morning and darker eyelashes than I ever. The hair upstairs is slower and its gas I met a pal in the hospital yesterday and she has lots of hair and none facially, I am a little hairy on the face but doing lots of scrubs to try and lessen the wolf affect. You must be coming to the end of the radio now and I dying to know how you got on with that and how the skin is holding up? What is you rnext step there now? I have yet to have the hormone treatment talk and only found out that they are giving me a month off now so in for an overnight in nov for all the end of treatment scans and the finally discussion re tamoxifin v ovary removal of which I think we are both looking for the latter. I am getting great treatment here though and attend a private hospital, God knows the health service in Ireland can be crazy at the best of times so thank goodness for good insurance!!!
I hope you are doing great, your Irish pal xx

Hello Irish pal! Great to hear from you. thank God those bloody rods are out. I too have had private health care.
I am 3 sessions away from Rads completion and have just seen your post on the other thread about the AC and Taxol. It seems such a strange affair this whole year. Do you remember how we used to compare notes about our AC/Tax. I hope I can continue to keep upbeat about all of this. I do feel a new woman in lots of ways. I am just so glad to have got through it. My radiotherapuy has not been too bad at all. I’ve kept going and not been too tired . I’ve had a few emotional days and my skin is red but not very painful… I think I’ve got away quite lightly with the side effects.
I’m interested to know exactly what your Onc advises about your homones. My Onc has said I take Tamoifen for 2 years and then I’ll movew onto An AI


That is great news to hear you are well now I would say 2 rads off the end and you where so hesitant, but thigs have gone fine for you which is great, I am delighted. I will keep you posted on the onc re hormones issue for sure. I have a pal who has had BC and gone through the Italian system( (lives there) which seems fantastic and quite laid back as only they can be) over at the weekend and she is 6 months ahead of us so looking forward to a good chat there. I am just getting a chance to take a breath with the 4 weeks off they have given me. The hot flushes are still here but at least the weather is cooling off, it has been a crazy year and I do feel the toll although I think when you have kids you tend to solider on and I must put myself further up the ladder from now on!!! I will keep in touch and the best of luck over the next few days

A x