Message from Rosamund

Hi girls,
just catching up with you all.
I am now 3 weeks post mastectomyand still waiting to hear from Oncologist for Chemo plan.
Cee, I was so sorry to hear of the loss of your brother, and want you to know I think of you always. Good luck today, I pray all will be well.
Wanted to thank you all for the wonderful support, I am unable to post often , but like to know how you all are.
I find it hard to remember what life was like before bc, and feel that without you all this journey would be harder.
Good luck to those who are waiting for results or treatment, waiting for me has been the worst part.
Imagination can be so unforgiving when we do not fully understand what is going to happen.
I was so fearful of the surgery, but in reality for me it was no where near as bad as I thought. in fact the relief was incredible.
Keep up the fight.
Love and hugs to all
Rosamund x

i have never posted to you, however have read lots of your posts. it is my mother who unfortunately has breast cancer, and i having been getting great support from this site. just wanted to let you know that you stick in my mind, and are in my thoughts and prayers, and have been inspirational, thanks. wishing you the very best.

Hi Jo,
Thanks so much for your comments, I am so pleased to know you are finding support to help you and your Mum.
This terrible disease does not dicriminate, changes lives for ever, but we all learn from it and pray that one day a cure will be found.
I feel blessed to be able to, share and express my feelings through these forum’s I believe real Angels come here.
I also thank God that my children, friends and family have been with me, every step of the way.
Your Mum must be as proud of you, as I am of my children.
Please let me know how your Mum is, you are both in my thoughts and prayers.
I am now one month post Mastectomy , waiting to hear when I start chemotherapy.
I have found strength in the caring of others, as your mum will.
Sending you love and hugs
Rosamund x

Hi Rosamund

So good to see your post.

I’m going for my second chemo next week and not looking forward to it.

Was my boys birthday yesterday, so had a night away in a hotel, with dinner and movies and bowling (not me I might add, not sure the body can take it yet! the bowling that is). Felt a bit normal, save for the fact the my hair is beginning to become detached from my scalp, have the hats, bandanas and scarves at the ready.

Just as always, want to wish you well, and I think of you lots.

Take care



P.S. Just having a me,me,me moment, sorry…

Hi Maggie,
I think of you also, and all that are on this unwanted journey.
Good to hear from you again, I hope the chemo is not too awful, can’t say I am looking forward to my turn.
Delighted that you are having some quality time, I am sure that you like me, are easily tired.
My friend invited me out for his birthday dinner last weekend, it was very nice but I,m afraid within an hour or so I was ready to come home.
Happy Birthday to your son.
Lots of love to you, talk again soon I hope.
Take care Rosamund x