message Julie 41

message Julie 41

message Julie 41 Hi Julie

How are you getting on!

Hope the results from your snb are good and that you now have your treatment plan, good luck with your chemo have a lovely weekend.

Love Lesley xx

Hi Lesley

Great to hear from you !

Results from snb not that great -he thinks there are a couple of cancerous nodes, but hopefully chemo should sort that out and he’s intending to remove the rest of the nodes when I have my mastectomy later this year. Chest x ray and CT scan both clear thank god.

Last week was hell I have to say - still sore from the surgery, and what with numerous scans and blood tests, AND my first course of chemo on Friday morning, I was knackered by the end of the week. Had a really bad day last Thursday - cried and cried all day but back on the diazapem now - which helps. Was dreading the after effects of the chemo and Friday night I felt awful, but these past couple of days I’ve just been really tired, and if itsgoing to be like that every 3 weeks, I think I can cope !

Bone scan was done Friday afternoon, and just waiting to hear from Karen with the results of that (fingers crossed its ok!).

Thanks again for your message, and will let you know how I’m getting on!

Love Julie x

Hang on in there!!! Hi Julie

Hang on in there, it will get better, you find a new kind of normal, what chemo regime are you on?

Make sure you get plenty of rest and make time for the things that make you smile.

Thinking of you
Love Lesley x

Update Hi Lesley

Great to hear from you again. Firstly, Mr Abdullah rang me personally on Monday evening to tell me my bone scan is clear ! That’s one relief I can tell you.!

I’m on the Neo-tAnGo chemo trial. Four EC cycles followed by 4 paclitaxel cycles. Yesterday I think was probably my worst day, I don’t think I have ever felt so tired, I had no energy whatsoever, and again was tearful.

Today has been a lot better - I even walked to school to fetch my youngest and managed to drive her to her swimming lessons. Only a small thing I know, and something I usually take for granted, but I felt great to have achieved it ! Tomorrow, I have an appointment at Edith Cavell to see the “Wig Lady” and then I’m planning some retail therapy in Queensgate if I feel up to it !

Thanks again for keeping in touch - it means a lot.

Take care

Love Julie xx

Hi Julie Hi Julie

You are on the same chemo regime I had.

Mr Abdullah is a lovely man, he rang the ward on the Saturday morning when I was in hospital after having had my mastectomy just to see how I was doing which I thought was nice. You are in really good hands with him and Karen.

We are not allowed to give contact details on this site but I do post on the other site under the same user name, we could swap details and meet for a coffee if you like.

I used to find the week before I was due to go for chemo again I felt perfectly normal, good energy levels ect so did a lot of the things I really enjoy, you will get there and come out the otherside smiling.

Enjoy the bank holiday.

Love Lesley xx

Message for Lesley Hi Lesley

I would love to meet up with you - you must have read my thoughts !

I think I know what you mean about the “other site”, so I’ll try and find you and we can swap details.

Speak to soon !

Love Julie