Message to Moderator ref Private messaging

Hi Moderator

I have just tried sending a private message to Sparkler but it seems to go out on the full postings. I have not given out my contact details to her but that is what I want to do as she lives close to me and obviously I don’t want that going out to everyone and also don’t want to be a rule breaker as it were.

Please advise asap exactly how do I send a private message and how do I know when I receive one also. Many thanks,

Carole xxx

Hi Carole,

This is a quick guide to help you send a private message. The easiest way to send a private message is through the ‘Private messages’ category (which is the one under chit-chat and fun).

Go to start a new discussion. Fill in the ‘send a private message’ box with the name of the person you wish to speak to, this is case sensitive so type the name exactly as it appears e.g. curlycat60, and then type your message in the ‘enter your comments’ box. The private message can only be seen by you and the person you have sent it to. But please be aware that as Moderators we do moderate the private messages as well. If you start a thread as a private message the thread will then stay private between the two users. When you log on and go into the ‘private messages’ category you will be able to see if you have any private messages or not.

As per terms and conditions we do not allow you to exchange email addresses or telephone numbers in order to protect your safey. Hope this makes things clear. If you would like any more information then please email the moderator.

Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Jo

Sorry if I sound stupid but does thqt mean that even on a private messge I cannot disclose my phone number or private email. If that is the case how do I arrange to meet up with somebody in my area. Do people just set up a time and meeting place or what?

Thanks for your help, Best regards, Carole