Met with surgeon today

Hi All

Met with surgeon today to discuss type of surgery. Basically he has recommended mastectomy which I am gutted about. I finished chemo last week and altho 1/2 way thro the tumour had started to shrink - it appears to have grown again a little bit. I cannot stop crying even tho I think I knew deep down it would come to this!. Surgery is booked for 10th Dec.

I will have to read previous threads on mastectomy but any advice from you wonderful ladies will be gratefully received.

The surgeon did discuss another option where he could remove a quarter of the breast and take a flap from under the arm to cover the area. I would end up with a smaller breast and of course if they dont get enough margin I would end up with mastectomy anyway. Altho I know this is my decision I just wandered what you all thought? He has done 70 of these ops and I will see pictures of results next week. Althou I hate the idea , I think I am veering towards a mastectomy more as if there was a recurrence (he has had 3) - I COULD NOT go thro all this chemo again!

I had been having a good week as we got mum into a residential home we really wanted and my critical illness paid out, but it seems like my good luck and news did not last long. I wish I could fast forward a year - I HATE THIS!

Hugs to all of you

Hi Fiona

It’s perfectly understandable to be anxious about your forthcoming surgery but I am sure you will recieve plenty of reassurance, support and advice from other forum users.

In the meantime, I have given here the link to a Breast Cancer Care publication which you may find helpful to read. It offers advice regarding your operation and recovery.

I do hope you find this useful.

Kind regards.


Breast Cancer Care

I’d have a look at some pictures of the results. If you had the flap op would you keep your nipple?



Totally sympathise with where you are at, I had an MRI after my 4th FEC having 6 and my tumour has shrunk to 6mm. When i saw the surgeon last week he recommended a mastectomy due to the inflammation that i have surrounding the tumour and a complete clearance. I was really disappointed as i had hoped a less radical option would be possible. I cried a lot last week and still don’t totally have my head round it. However i am going with his advice and i am having an immediate reconstruction.

I have saw the plastic surgeon and everything is booked for 14th jan, last chemo 12 December.

It’s a decision you have to make for yourself but i don’t want to take any more chances than i have to, the thought of having chemo again is too much to bear at this stage.

Best of luck with whatever you decide any questions I’m sure someone on here will be able to help.



Hi Mole and Lesley and thanks

Mole - I would be losing the nipple if I had the flap op.

I did ask the surgeon what he would recommend if it was his wife and he said mastectomy - that too is kind of swaying me. Would not be having immediate recon tho as might need rads! I am only 39 and single and am finding it all difficult to get my head round, even tho as I said I had kind of expected it. Just want to scream and shout - I know its early days tho - its just trying to imagine life for the next year with one breast - even typing about it I am crying - the screen is a blurr!!



I will definitely be having RADs plastic surgeon was happy to proceed with lotitismus dorsi recon (sorry poor spelling it’s the back one so no implant) as she thought it unlikely to be affected by RADs. Its worth asking about immediate recon if that’s the way you want to go. I will get a reduction and uplift on other side once recon has settled and after RADs. I’m 41 and not waking up with nothing is the one thing i didn’t want to do. Guess it’s an individual thing though.


Hi Fiona

I’m so, so sorry to hear that your surgeon recommends a mastectomy. It’s an awful shock to be told that, even if you think you are prepared for this news and having a good cry helps. I didn’t have a choice, as if they’d tried to remove just the lumps there’d have been nothing much left, but even if I did have a choice I would have gone for the mastectomy. I don’t know what grade your cancer is, but mine was grade 3, and I just wanted to get rid of it as quickly as possible and minimise any chance of a recurrence and so didn’t hesitate to follow my surgeon’s advice and take all the treatment on offer. His words: “the thing to do with cancer is to stay one step ahead of it” and “you don’t want to find yourself playing catch-up” are still ringing in my ears. From what others have said on this site, they do an excellent job with reconstructions these days.
Nicola xxx


My surgeon is very unkeen on doing immediate recon due to the chance of rads ruining it - just another example of individual feelings and preferences - if I pushed for it he would do it but at the same time I would hate to risk ruining what he had made.

Nicola - I too am grade 3 and if the little bu**er has grown a little bit again - during chemo!!, the I guess its pretty damned aggressive. I have taken note of your surgeons words - they do make sense - and the thought of having chemo again (even tho side effects have been minimal) - would really and truly drive me mental I think.

Thanks for your comments
Yours still tearfully

It is one very hard decision only you can come too. I was due to have a lumpectomy on my right boob. Two days before op day I had an MRI. The result being that I was advised the cancer was too big to save the right boob and they thought it was also in the left. Very tough decision but had to agree to have both boobs completely removed{ including nipples}. Operation then delayed for further tests etc. Saw pictures and was very upset as I was quite proud of my boobs. Although they did go south years ago. Had the op. Very surprised after at seeing what was left. Not as bad as I thought. Now starting chemo on Monday only as a precaution as cancer gone. Feel sure that this is due to having a radical op. Looking forward to recon as will loose some of my wobbly tum too. Its a tuff tuff decision but for me the right one.
You will make the right decision for you and your situation.

All the very best