metaplastic BC & neutrapenia - should I have chemo?

Just can’t decide what to do.

Has anyone been in a similar position?

When I was diagnosed it was mentioned that I might be Metaplastic. I had a lump the size of a golf ball come up very quickly within a few days. It continued to grow to 6.5cm so they are treating me with chemo first before the surgery (when I will get the pathology report to let me know if it is definitely Metaplastic).
I can report that after 2 chemos (I’m having 8 x FEC-T) that my breast is more comfortable and the tumour feels like it is shrinking.
There is a brilliant group on Facebook for Metaplastic BC and I have had so much support from them. X

Hi mytranquilo
I really recommend joining the Facebook group as the ladies are worldwide and very knowledgeable with all sorts of other complications. If you post your worries you will get lots of support and may even find someone who has the same complications as you. They have really helped me and given me so much advice from there own experiences but all of it positive.
There are only a few Metaplastic ladies from the UK most are from USA where more research has been done.
Let me know how you get on. X

Forgot to ask in my last post, what are your concerns regarding Metaplastic BC and neutropenia? Do you have a previous medical condition causing neutropenia already or are you worried the chemo will cause this?